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In the same way that some books and films have been made about life after an event we have been discussing the set up of a colony on the forums. Some think it won’t work, others are all for it. Let’s see how it goes.

Why don’t you look as see what we think. You will need to join up if you want to voice an opinion though. We will be pleased to see you and find out what you think.

3 comments to Colony

  • james jackson

    i think the idea of a colony is a great idea, BUT it will be hard to find like minded people who have the same ideas. The worse thing would be to set up a colony if anything/when something happens and have no control, rules ect to keep everybody on the same page. Their would also be the idea of repopulating, feeding, clothing,keeping a security force all within the UK current laws. It seems that the UK is now set up more for taking in then looking after its own people. And i have the feeling it will only get worse.
    God help us when it hits the fan as i doubt 90% would be able to get on without the iphone,pc,tv culture and do a proper days work.

    If a colony is to work we need jobs, rules and something to to work towards together

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. I think we all agree it isn’t going to be easy. However, it is much easier to make small groups. We have already put a few people in touch with others at the meets we have arranged.

  • Survivor 123

    I think its would work well as long as rules are set up and there is security, i am sure it will not be hard to set up jobs because we will need to grow our own food meaning we need alot of people working the farm because it will be by hand as well as hunter to gather extra meat. you could pay people in food/essentials but the only problem is there would need to be a person or a group of people to run it which could make thing very uneasy especially since the only way to make it work efficiently would be to run it as a dictatorship.

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