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What to do with 5 miles of wire?

Whilst moving some stuff around today with a few to getting rid of junk I cam across some old wire I had purchased for a project several decades ago. This wire was from a ToW weapons system and according to the reel there is 5 miles of wire on it. I’ve tried but I can’t even remember what I bought it for. Even then I had some strange ideas.

It is really thin stuff and you would not notice it if it was laid out on the ground. How it would respond to walking I don’t know although it seems quite tough for how thin it is. I was trying to think of uses I could put it to now. It isn’t designed to carry current it is just for low power control signals.

As my own Ground to Air or Ground to Ground missile is extremely unlikely, without additional funding by a state anyway. Although I hear North Korea may be looking for some missile expertise 🙂 I am reduced to looking at some comms project for it. It seems a bit of a waste just to wire up some watchtowers although that is probably the best thing to do with it. Using some old WWII wind up phones will make a secure and reliable system for your guards to use.

I then spent a little time thinking how I could use it to deploy claymores and mines. Only I don’t have any of them. Then I moved on to surveillance and looked at putting a small video camera on and creating a almost undetectable system, not transmitting means only the camera and wire can give it away, but then where would I deploy such a system?

So back to the comms but where I am I can put in simple two core and cover my bases. I’ve 100M of that in the garage but only one wind up phone and I don’t even know if that works. Not that it will make much difference as I’ve just Googled ‘field telephones’ and although they are wind up that just rings the other end and they need batteries to work. Perhaps a small exchange would be better where the exchange can power the phones. No good ou in the field but for my home situation and its shorter distances it’ll be fine whilst we have battery power.

So it looks like I have 5 miles of garrotte wire. I’m not expecting that many visitors so I’ll keep it for one of those just in case projects. Any suggestions?

11 comments to What to do with 5 miles of wire?

  • Northern Raider

    A telegrapgh system after TSHTF like you see in old western movies

  • Danger Thompson

    While Claymores are out of the options, what about as trigger wires for Maroons and magnesium flare pyros, put the wind up the fuckers and temp. distract em.

  • Kenneth Eames

    It could be useful for Boobytraps. Kenneth Eames.

  • earth pilgrim


    If you dont come up will any viable idea and have room to keep hold of it, do. I think having as many goods you can to possibly trade or barter will only be an advantage to you after an event as they say one mans junk is anothers treasure . If you have no room to store maybe you could trade it with another prepper that visits your site for something you need. Just a thought.

    Earth Pilgrim

  • Bug out Bag

    Use some for making antennas? Sling shot one end up into the tallest tree you can find? Run a length along the gutters of your house, string one up from the highest point of your house to the highest point at the bottom of your garden … a tree, a shed, top of a washing line post? don’t forget to insulate the ends and run through an ATU. Copper wire is good, what kind of wire is it? You may want to make a Yagi beam antenna at some point from fishing poles and hoist that up into a tree … you can’t have too much wire SD! 🙂

  • Timelord

    Make thousands of snares with it & sell em on ebay – or even sell do it yourself kits – lol.

    I presume it will be high tensile steel. So string it across corridors or pathways to create difficult to detect impediment obstacles.

    Plait some together & use it for tripwires. Wrap 10 metres of it round your rucksack frame for later use.

    It would probably be good for expedient fishing line.

    Use it to connect to an electrically conducting sharp prong that can be fired from a cattle prod or stun gun or a stun gun taped to a bow that fires arrows with this connecting wire attached to a metal head – or crossbows etc.

    Would it make good filament wire for ignitor systems?

    Obviously all this is purely theoretical!!

  • Skean Dhude

    I have no idea what wire it is. It is very thin, strong and has two wires in it. I doubt it would do for a stun gun but it may be worth a few feet to find out 🙂

    I’m still sorting out my stores so I may come across something that gives me a clue to the original intention.

  • Lightspeed

    Good Morning SD,

    Twin core wire is really good for making low cost easy to deploy field dipole antennas.

    30 meters of that wire could be built into a lightweight antenna that will work efficiently on 7Mhz, 14Mhz and CB bands

    I’d be happy to build one for you if you send me enough wire. Please PM me if you’d like to try this, and I’ll give you a postal address to send to……

  • Marine 83

    Use to make tanglefoot in case of SHTF. String it horizontaly,about a foot high, over the ground like a spider web, along likely avenues of approach, trails, etc. Attatch bells/tin cans as a field expedient alarm system. Done properly it is gaurenteed to slow down and disrupt movement where it is deployed.

  • Skean Dhude


    Welcome. Thanks for that. It would be strong enough for that and there would be plenty to go around.

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