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Veterinary medicine

Anyone that is considering looking after any animal, dogs, pigs, horses, chickens, among others, should also ensure that they are able to care for those animals in the event that they become ill or are injured. In this country we generally have a soft spot for animals. We generally try and treat our animals humanely at all times, unlike humans, whom we sometime treat like animals. Ironic isn’t it.

I would envisage that Doctors and Veterinaries would both be highly sought after and would be expected to perform dual roles looking after humans as well as animals unless you were lucky enough to have one of each.

However, the rest of us will have to improvise after an event and learn. Practising as such on animals whilst we improve our veterinary skills. Hopefully we will learn enough so that when it comes to a loved ones turn we will have at least a little bit of skill and experience on treating our fragile bodies.

Even if you do not intend to have animals as part of your prepping I believe it is inevitable that you will want to acquire some as part of your food supply. You should therefore at least have a look at the requirements for looking after them and learn a little bit, perhaps even purchasing a book. As I intend to keep livestock I am certainly looking at getting some books on their welfare.

If you have specific animals in your plans then search for textbooks specific to those.

You never know this could be your first step into what could save lives.

1 comment to Veterinary medicine

  • Kenneth Eames

    Thank you for this post SD, I have a few books on the Treatment of animals, they are mostly Alternative Medicine. My cat has Pancreatitis diagnosed when young. I use Homoeopathic medicine to keep her going. She is living a good life. At first, we took her to the Vet at each flare-up which cost us a great deal of money. I then decided to try Alternative medicine and have been well rewarded with the result. If you know anyone with Pancreatitis pass the treatment on:- Pancreas nosode 30, occassionally and, Iris versicolor every day, two drops in water, night and morning. It is used for humans as well. Kenneth Eames.

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