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Time is the fire in which we burn

There are some very handy people out there working on prepping at the moment. These are the sort of people who are continually working on new toys such at TimeLord with his Atlatl and Water Filter, Wet&Cold with his Solar Panels and his Meth stoves. Myself I’m not so practical. I can make these things with general instructions but they never end up as good as I would want.

I would guess more people fit into my category than the other and we would like to improve on that. But what to try? What is the most practical item for us to learn how to make. What item can we reasonable make that will be useful after an event and yet would be expensive to buy now? What item can we make that won’t take up too much time from our other tasks, such as prepping and practising our skills?

Time is always an issue, we just don’t have enough to do what we want or we don’t know what to prioritise. An issue I suspect that most of us have, and I have so little spare time that I actually don’t seem to get much time to do anything I want. Unless I book some time where I schedule my day to day activities around I seem to end up with no time spare. So I rely on reading what I can and then selecting projects to do. Unfortunately, running this site also takes up time and that leaves a lot of items on my ‘To Do’ list. Many of which I wanted to do a long time ago but they still linger there. This means I’m not a Completer/Finisher but I’ve known that for a very long time. I am balancing on the tightrope between available finances and available time with neither being in abundance. Ironically, my own current issue is time rather than cash atm.

The downside of this is that the projects I am looking at for the site do not get done and rather than an article on how to make your own blunderbuss or something you end up with a review of a shop bought one. What I really wanted to do is make many of these projects and show in detail, the same and TimeLord and Wet&Cold are doing, all the steps necessary.

My next task, *cough*, is going to be to create a small notebook, Tablet type of computer system running Linux that everyone can use to read files after an event, cheap, uncomplicated and just enough to run PDF, Text and Video files and no more.

After that I need to decide exactly what Projects I’m going to do and plan for them.

Anyone else doing any project work they want to show? Let us know. We need more that a few people doing these things and we, and I include myself, need the experience as well.

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