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Looking to the long term future

At this point in your preps you will have covered the critical infrastructure you need to survive and thrive. Now you need to start thinking about the longer term future. This time it is not really about you but about your children. You don’t want them to have to scrape a living like you are forced to now.

To do this you need to make sure that they are educated. Education has always been to key to growth and better living on your own steam. I suggest that you put aside whatever you can to aid their education. I’m very much in support of this idea and mention it several time on the site.

Basically, I buy up education books on many subjects. Some I don’t understand myself as they can be used to educate our future scientists and engineers. Of course they may not have the resources but that is something they will have to find a way around and the basics may help them with this.

If you have skills, like a doctor, paramedic, engineer, you should be looking at building up your tools and as much written knowledge as you can with a view to passing that on. At the moment movie stars, financial people, lawyers, politicians, computer geeks and managers are seen as the winners in our society. That will not be the case after an event so make sure that your skills are in areas such as medical, engineering, hunting, farming and the hard working skills that are always required rather than some artificially inflated ones.

Then, as all parents find, the rest is up to them We can only do our best to prepare them to stand on their own two feet.

Thats the end of this little short series where I talk you through prepping from basic scraping to live to living a life. Albeit one less advanced than it is now. There is a lot more to consider and a few areas I didn’t cover but that is in the main site. Once you have the basics though you can expand as you need for your unique situation.

Good luck.

4 comments to Looking to the long term future

  • fred

    I find my skill level diminishing with age. Have you considered a mini-series on how the aged could prepare?

  • Kenneth Eames

    Yes, Fred makes a good point here. A series on dealing with old age would be good. If a survival situation doesn’t arise in the next ten or fifteen years, many of our members who are in the early and late fifties, will start feeling ‘old age’ creeping on. The body will start its slow decline. Some will feel the effects of arthritis and other cripling complaints. Some however, will retain fitness for a much longer period. A series on being prepared will make a great deal of sense. Kenneth Eames.

  • Northern Raider

    I tend to find that our elders may me slowing down, even physically almost clapped out but the senior preppers I’ve met appear to be walking archives of useful knowledge.

  • Skean Dhude


    I’ll have a think about it. It seems a good idea.

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