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How we need to prepare


Guarantee your long term food source

What we have just seen is the basics that you need to survive and event and the chaos that it has caused. You have identified what you need to keep fed and have planted out what will feed you in the future. Your food and water supply is assured, or is it?

You can’t be […]

Keeping Mum

With what we have done now we have assured our future although life should be hard and uncertain. It isn’t going to be easy. One thing that most of us have just skipped over though in the previous few articles is security. We just ignored it really.

For many of us, and I consider myself […]

Cheshire/Wirral/North West Meet

I’ve arranged another meet up in the North West as we now have a few more members from the Wirral. Which now makes us the 2nd biggest area on the site, Bristol being the biggest. However, I’m looking at making the Bristol boys look like stay at football supporters by having more than two people […]

First steps to getting back on your feet

The worst of winter has passed and you survived. Your basic preps kept you alive although they were not great and you were able to keep out of the aftermath and survive. That is a big win. By now your stores are depleted, perhaps seriously, and you have been thinking about getting out and replenishing […]