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Looking for somewhere to lay my hat

As some of you know I’ve been working at a new job for a few weeks and I got my first pay slip today. Money goes in tomorrow. Whoo Hoo. First pay cheque, OK it is really BACS, and I’m feeling flush. Partly helped because it is more than a months money due to missing last months deadline. Lucky I had a good store of food put away.

I’m still going to carry on as I was before and thus my plans are that I put aside the regular payments that I have tp pay such as mortgage, electrickery and gas, I do the normal food shopping to replace my stores. This time though I’m going to treat us all to a special treat. Something that will be useful such as a new jacket or boots depending on who needs what. I’m also going to get the garage roof replaced and looking at my prep lists for items that I normally have as nice to haves. It will give a much needed boost to my supplies and although I won’t be able to afford it every month I know I have some months work ahead of me and I should make the most of it with the occasional special items.

One thing I am looking at is finding some land in the North of Wales. Although the West of Scotland seems the favoured area on the forums I would find it difficult to commute. I will be more than happy with somewhere within an hour of my current home and out of the way. Although the hordes are more likely to come through North Wales than the West of Scotland I believe I can plan with that. I am going to be actively looking for some land and putting aside as much as I can towards that. The money I am earning going towards preps rather than going into whatever others do with the money they have in excess of their bills and living costs.

I’m looking for a few acres off the beaten track, mainly woods with some open areas. Would love a stream and some old croft like structures. Somewhere to put a caravan or a motor home out of the way and somewhere not too close to any villages. I’ve been looking for a while now out of curiousity and have seen a few I like. Now it’ll be more than window shopping.

Fingers crossed that the economy holds on for a little bit longer.

9 comments to Looking for somewhere to lay my hat

  • Timelord

    Don’t get too near the M56 Chemical plants on the estuary/coast near Chester. One of those houses the UK DOD Nuclear research facility/plant. Also Wulfa on Anglesey should be steered clear of.

  • bigpaul

    i’ve been looking for a bit of land in my own area, but the cost is out of this world, most start at about Ā£19K and go up to Ā£35K or more so a non started for me at the moment.

  • Northern Raider

    Dunno if its to far from you but the area just inland from Aberystwith is noted as being very popular with relocating preppers, I know of three families at least including Neil Mk 3 and his wife who moved to that area, as did someone from Londonabad, and oddly enough my missus who is obssessed with these ” Place in the Country” type TV shows actually commented on just how many programs had people moving to mid wales and also Dorsetshire seeking land to be more self sufficient on. Also I’m told the Taffyban who govern wales are quite liberal with people wanting to put up micro turbines and PV arrays.

  • Northern Raider

    Bollocks forgot to add, consider that in a long term survival situation and regeneration situation the land you get would be far more useful if it was fairly close to one of those Narrow Gauge Railways that cover much of north Taffystan, A steam powered railway running inland from the cost will be a massive , nay MEGA plus to a community trying to survive and be self reliant after the socialists, bankers and Europhiles have finished wrecking the UK.

  • james jackson

    just remember scotland has strange land buying ways. Its closed deals out thier if i remember correctly

  • fred

    Iā€™m looking for a few acres off the beaten track, mainly woods with some open areas.

    Everyone’s dream then? šŸ˜‰

  • Kenneth Eames

    It has been my dream too, for many years. NR, I agree with you Scotland is a strange place because I live here! We must not forget that we have Silkies and other strange phenomena. You can go to bed at night with a beautiful woman and awake to find you have been sleeping with a seal! lol.However, It is the best place that I’ve ever lived and I’m very content. Kenneth Eames.

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