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Special Treats

Most of us are living day to day and doing the most we can with our preps. Buying spare food and goods where we can and sacrificing treats for a future that is by no means certain. However, we see it as insurance, insurance that could mean the difference between life and death.

Every now and again though something happens and we get a financial boost, long lost aunt dies, a insurance policy matures, you get some overtime, it could be anything and obviously the amount varies. We can treat ourselves to something special. However, what if you don’t get that boost, what if you are living day to day and just don’t have that extra to treat yourself?

I think that regardless of your situation, every now and again you need to treat yourself. A night out, a meal, the pictures, a present. Something to break up the regularity of your life anyway.

The question is what do you do? Do you treat yourself to something not related to prepping just to make a point or do you buy something that is for prepping and normally out of your reach?

It depends on the amount you have available of course but I like to treat my family to something when I can. If I have enough I’ll also treat myself to something special. Treating others is easy enough. They let you know what they see as treat and you can sort them out easy enough. It is what you treat yourself to that is the problem. Do you get something for prepping, for yourself or hopefully something that can be used for both. That is what I aim for but after a few items it is next to impossible to treat yourself to something for prepping that you can use regularly. You can only have so many jackets, shoes, knives or other toys.

So now I’m looking for something non prepping and going for a night at the pictures or a day trip out. Something that at the end I won’t have added something to one of the many piles I have of goods. Something that has just been used as a treat.

Now for a prepper that is decadent. Naughty but nice. It is worth it. After all we have to live now and many of us, including me, put every spare penny we have into prepping. It is nice to have a change. A boost to you and your family.

5 comments to Special Treats

  • Kenneth Eames

    I like a treat from time to time. Very occassionally I take my wife for a meal. Another great boost for me, when I have any spare cash, is to buy a new book. There are many books that I would like so I have many lists of books that I require. It then becomes a problem, choosing which to buy.I do manage to decide but it generally takes a day to reach the decision. All is well that ends well. Kenneth Eames.

  • bigpaul

    our treat is to have a large fry up(Big Breakfast) at a cafe about 20 minutes drive from here( and its cheap too!)

  • If you can’t think of something for yourself, treat the family, you may not have anything physical yourself, but you do get a good feeling, and that goes a long way.

  • Bug_out_Bag

    My personal non prepping treats come in two flavours: shoes ‘n’ boots ( non prep) and weekends away oh yes then there’s hair do’s, take aways, Magnums (ice ream), and frivolous spending in charity shops!!! … But I do love adding to my Piles! (NO! Not those kinds of piles!)

    I just did a Tesco run and bought 20 tins of mushy peas at 6p a tin, beans and sausages 33p a tin, flour, sugar, salt honey etc etc … now I have to build some more shelves!

    I love prepping but there’s ALWAYS something more to do so it looks like I’m adding shelving this weekend!

    Actually, I think I feel at my most decadent in terms of not prepping when I’m NOT busy doing
    something! There is much that can be done to enhance your survival chances without spending a penny!

    … Now wheres that rrclaimed pallet wood for those shelves! 😀 😀 😀

  • fred

    My latest was buying a baby bath and keeping food cold in it.

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