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What with the ban on air rifles planned for Scotland it won’t be long before that is rolled out across the UK. I would expect a surge in air gun sales all over the UK but as this is the UK and full of socialist idiots I’m not holding my breath.

In the US the mere hint of a ban pushes gun sales up. Some people here actually think that the Americans rushing out and buying guns now before they are banned will then queue up to register them and destroy them when the ban is put into force. How dumb is that. Of course, some will register, but they won’t be the ones queuing to buy them before the ban.

Every time bans have been put in place, alcohol, drugs, guns, etc. the ban fails amd bad guys flourish supplying them.

As the late great Bill Hicks said about the War on Drugs. A war is being fought and those guys they make out as stupid because they are on drugs are winning the war. How stupid must the government be to be losing against a disorganised uncoordinated rag tag army like that. It costs billions to prosecute the war on drugs, millions of lives are destroyed, bad people become rich so that a few goody two shoes and politicians can make a moral stand against something they don’t like.

Myself, I’ll be selling all my air weapons to the local Mafia prior to a ban and will get rid of all my pellets. Of course before that point I think I’ll stock up on pellets and air weapons while I still can. I only hope when my friends from Scotland visit that they don’t touch my air rifle stores. They clearly are not able to be trusted with them. Their government says so. I’ll have to lock them away before they go mad and kill us all.

Anyone know where I can buy bulk air pellets?

8 comments to Prohibition

  • fred

    The ban on air rifles has to be one of the most stupid things ever. Talk about forcing it underground.

  • Northern Raider

    Most Merkins I know buy their guns from weekend gun marts and events where its private sellers only and no paperwork is involved. As for the Scots govt they are already showing themselves to be closet marxists and totalitarians, If Lardarse Salmond gets his way Scotland will suffer terrible repression.

  • Northern Raider

    I think there is going to be a surge in the sale of 8 inch grey plastic waste piping and end caps.

  • Buy now and put away. It’s after an event that they will be needed, and there won’t be any one to complain about them then will there?

  • Skean Dhude

    I hope you are not suggesting we don’t register these tools/ Especially as I spent a lot of time covering up what was bought by myself. 😉

  • Saunders

    I most certainly won’t be registering my air rifle. Then they’ll know who’s keeping the emergency .22 under the floorboards when the SHTF

    • Its all about control eh.
      Those limp wristed, mamby pamby duck farts that make these rules are, once again, forcing something to go underground – that’s what will happen.
      But, as usual, we are all expected to follow like sheep.
      I can’t see many preppers giving in lightly…!

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