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How we need to prepare



Living in a country that to all intent is a police state we have a problem prepping. Even though the old USSR was worse than what we have now they recognised the harm that a Socialist Police State was doing and have moved slowly to Capitalism, albeit a very corrupt capitalism. Although to be honest it would be better for all preppers if corruption was available to the common man like there. Sadly, even in being corrupt in the West it is still who you know and your position in society. We just haven’t been corrupt long enough but we are getting there.

The problem we have is that by making us powerless our government is simply enabling those that are willing to break the law. They don’t have any issues getting what they want, they either steal it from us or smuggle it in from outside. This also gives the bad guys power, they can provide for us but at a cost. Whatever we want we can either pay a premium or owe them a favour. That favour usually being something you would rather not do. Even so people will be willing to pay for what they want in life. So, at the moment the UK is just starting to slip into this type of society. Whatever you want is available, plod can do nothing to stop it, and in fact they don’t even try in some instances, but still the general public are law abiding and put up with the injustices here. However, there are signs this is changing. Riots, complaints are just the start and as the resentment grows so will the violence. Violence that will encompass you and yours.

The law abiding will be unable to protect themselves, plod are not interested in protecting you and only seem to be enforcers for the current government and ensuring that you are paying taxes and taxes hidden as fines. That is all they do. They don’t put bad guys away while they imprison you for failing to pay your council tax.

What alternative do you have though? The sheeple in the UK are quite happy about this because they believe the media so it won’t change for the better before the pot boils over. When it boils over though people like us will have an advantage in that we have prepared whilst being at a disadvantage we will be short of vital prepping materials that will make the difference between life and death. I mean that exactly as it sounds. It isn’t just guns to protect yourself, it is vital medicines and other tools, you can’t buy the best chemicals because of some health and safety issue. You can’t get some items unless you are registered as a professional something or other, even electricians and gas fitters have to be licensed. Next up will be air rifles, followed by crossbows and as sure as eggs are eggs there will be more restrictions on what you can do at home on your own property.

This basically means that you can fully prep and not stay legal, ouch, by dipping your toes into the mucky world of immoral criminal activities to acquire items that you can’t get legally. Or you can stay legal and find yourself short if an event occurs. Tough choice.

I’ve made my choice and so far I’m legal. Whoo hoo, I’m one of the good guys but I wonder if I really am. After all there are so many laws I’m probably breaking several by having so many packets of porridge in one place. The big test though will be when they license air weapons and crossbows. Will I or won’t I. After all I don’t have to involve anyone else to acquire them and because they are not registered I could claim I’ve sold them. If only I was so well prepared when they registered pistols, rifles and shotguns. Ironically, as an aside you can own weapons in the USSR but not here where we are free.

5 comments to Powerless

  • Kenneth Eames

    Thank you for this SD, You are absolutely right. It seems to me that we are worse off in this country. Most of the population think this is a wonderful country and do not think for themselves. It is as if, they are drugged. Our Laws are very restricting but the sheeple carry on as if we live in a land of milk and honey. Their trust in our main political parties is unbelievable. I despair of it ever changeing. Will the chains ever be broken? Kenneth Eames.

  • hrusai

    very poignant SD, a stark reminder of the state we live in.

    personally i’ve been in both worlds, legal and illegal, and although i now stick purely to the legal side of things i dont think the illegal side is as hard to get into as it may seem to some, i think the best thing is to perfect your skills, sure some items would be handy, but not essential, bows can be fabricated, crossbows too, having the ability to make these things and to move stealthily will put you in much better stead than simply having some firearms, when push comes to shove experience and knowledge will overcome those who’ve gone outside the law to prepare. but our country cant continue down this path, or it will have some serious troubles, i say emigrate while you can.

  • Paul

    For years I’ve watched our freedoms diminish, and the government corruption. Problem is the state controlled media herald it as being for our good and the sheeple blindly accept it.

    Over the last 10 years I’m really questioning things.
    Why conform, why be good?
    Them who don’t get all so why shouldn’t we?

    Because of this our families preparations has included learning the black arts of survivalism.

    So now we’re waiting (like many others) for TPTB attack that will leave us with no jobs, no money, and on the scrap heap.
    Once we’re a statistic, why bother conforming?
    We’ll be in survival mode anyway.

    We’d love to emigrate. Problem is nobody wants old blood especially those who haven’t got degrees or letters after their name. Besides, we’re British and no one wants them!

  • fred

    The problem we have is that by making us powerless our government is simply enabling those that are willing to break the law.

    And if we were Americans, we’d have the constitutional right to take up arms to protect ourselves.

  • Saunders

    Due to a lack of firearms, preppers in the UK have had to adapt. Although I own an air rifle with no paper trail so no one will come looking for it when TSHTF, I’ve invested in other technologies such as homemade explosive devices and chemical grenades.

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