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How we need to prepare


Value for money

When we are out and about looking for items to add to our preps we are always looking for value for our money. This is mainly because we want to get the most bang for our buck, so to speak and maximise what we get from our limited supply of cash. It is a good […]


What with the ban on air rifles planned for Scotland it won’t be long before that is rolled out across the UK. I would expect a surge in air gun sales all over the UK but as this is the UK and full of socialist idiots I’m not holding my breath.

In the US the […]

Think for yourselves

I’ve been reading books for a very long time, since I could read in fact, and I’ve always enjoyed the stories and the visuals you play in your mind. In many respects books are better than the films for that as you can imagine much more than they can reasonably display although special effects are […]

Hard Decisions

One of the problems we create for ourselves is that we all choose different systems and most of the times they are incompatible. This is actually a significant risk for us.

We buy crossbows, several different types requiring different bolts and different strings. Thus when one breaks most of us can’t fix it and when […]