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Everything stops for tea

I have been down in the south of the country staying with the in-laws for a few days. Lovely people they are, good looking, large bank accounts, beautiful large home, perfect children. The garden is big enough for a very, very decent survival garden, the koi carp in the pond would provide several very decent […]

Technology gap

Despite the UK being *cough* one of the most advanced nations on this planet I have spent the last few days looking at some of the tools that are available here. It really is pitiful that tools we want, such as Geiger Counters, advanced Radios, etc. just can’t be bought here any longer. Sure you […]

Gastro-intestinal issues in a crisis

On a regular day, in regular times, popping a couple of pills to sort out Dehli belly, Montezumas revenge or whatever else you want to call it, is second nature. A really bad stomach upset may see you consulting a doctor, and a really, really bad case, may lead you to the hospital.

What will […]

Waiting for the axe to fall

I don’t know about you but I was expecting something to happen during the Olympics. I’m glad it didn’t as the longer we can go on the better it is for all of us. We collect more preps and live comfortably now. Although I do wonder sometimes if the axe is going to fall in […]