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Starting out

One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘I’m new to prepping. Where do I start?’

It is a reasonable question and I’ve tried to answer it in the get started here section of this site. However, people still find the whole thing daunting and just get stuck. Many flounder at that point and think it is too difficult.

It isn’t really. It just seems daunting as we think there is so much to be done. We see advice on storing food, water, tools as well as preparing a BOL as well as people looking at BOVs. Where do I start?

First of all relax. Remember something a wise old man said. ‘The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step’ – Lao Tzu (570 BC – 490 BC) The advice that you should deal with all of them is a bit daunting but true. Some of them do not require funds, some require work although to be honest the bulk of the preps do require funding. It’s a sad fact that we cannot get around so we need to do what everyone has to do and prioritise.

If you have plenty of cash then consider spending 25% of your spare cash on preparing as a minimum. If you have a very limited supply, consider spending it all, items rarely go down in price.

I always recommend starting with food and water. These are needed for every eventuality from an accidental power cut to an actual event. Build up over time, what you can spare. Buy some extra tins of what you like. Hide these preps away in a cupboard or under the bed.

Once you can see yourself through a few weeks consider others items you need. First Aid kits seem a good next item. Again they can cover a magnitude of issues. It is best you build up your supplies in a sensible way. Don’t buy two years worth of MREs and have no water. The priority for life, prepping wise, is water, food, shelter, health and then you can look at things to sustain your life such as tools, water purifiers, solar power systems.

Get into the habit of buying food when you can. I buy water, food and when I have added a few more weeks I then add some medical items, clothing and shelter items followed by some tools. Repeat until you are finished.

When you have spent your funds and are waiting your next wage packet built something from the web sites. Build some tools and things that you cannot really afford. Keep your money for food. Soon you will have a comfortable stash and you can consider branching out. Bigger items you may never use and perhaps the news about the Iranians bothers you. Perhaps you need to consider nuclear fallout. It may be unlikely where I live but you may live in Londonstan. You decide to buy some Iodine tablets and a Geiger counter.

Read the get started here section and don’t panic. Everything is daunting when you start.

8 comments to Starting out

  • prepper1

    Don’t forget, its not all about money.
    Weapons can be improvised so can kit. Don’t give up because of lack of funds, adapt, improvise and overcome. Tie a carving knife to a wooden broom handle and you have a spear, a hammer or an axe is a viable self defense weapon.
    You don’t need ex army combat kit to survive, hardly any clothes? go to charity shops you can buy loads of clothes for real cheap prices, I.E. t-shirts for £2.50 etc…
    Use the old wartime saying “make do and mend” I made several meth stoves from coke cans and they work just as well as a trangia.

  • Northern Raider

    When I first started off prepping it was extra food and water I felt I should be setting aside, we already had reasonable quality outdoor clothes because we live in the north east. So to begin with back in the late 70s I set aside £1 a week to buy extra tinned food, and kept empty plastic coke bottles to store water in. As time went by and budgets allowed I went up to £4 a week on extra food, then by the mid 90s it was a tenner a week extra on food, medicines etc. You would be suprised how quick you can increase the size or your food stocks if you are sensible.

  • fred

    Water seems trickier to store without going stagnant.

    • Northern Raider

      It doesnt actually go stagnant fred, it goes stale instead, its still drinkable if stored properly but tastes flat and unappatising, I refill my water containers about twice a year straight from the tap and it tastes fine 6 months later 🙂

  • iaaems

    I actually managed to make one of those soda can stoves – and it works quite well. In an emergency it boils up a couple of mugs of water for a brew and gives off a bit of comfort heat at the same time. For a prolonged emergency fuel would be something of a problem – where do you get the meths from? Make your own alcohol seems a good bet – if you can get the correct ingredients. Any ideas?

  • Paul

    Really good advice for the beginner. SD

  • fred

    NA – thanks for that clarification.

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