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How we need to prepare


The difficult questions

We are all quite comfortable putting aside tins, gaining knowledge for the event we are certain is going to arrive and we all put aside what we can afford and prepare in our own little way.

The one thing we cannot really prep for are the difficult questions facing us after an event;

  • Handing intruders
  • Handling thieves
  • How to deal with people turning up begging on your doorstep

for just some examples. Many more can be found on this site.

Now for all those awaiting the answers I’m afraid I can’t give you a single answer. Every situation is different, every one of you is different. There is only my opinion and you are not forced to take any notice of that but here it is anyway.

After an event there is going to be a large number of people desperate to survive. Many will be like us, unfortunate souls who have been unable to prepare and those that have prepare yet lost it all for some reason. Imagine yourself if your home was raided after an event and you were thrown out with nothing. It isn’t all us and the sheeple.

That intruder could be someone just looking for some spare food. After all you are keeping a low profile. Nobody thinks anyone is there and we don’t want to be blowing away anything that crosses our path. I’m going to watch them and see what they do, who is with them and evaluate them. Based on that I may let them in, feed them and send them on their way, point them in a certain direction perhaps even bring them in to the community. Everything needs to be weighed and a casual response of blow them away without thinking will reduce our numbers even further and, if taken to an extreme, the end of us. That applies just as much to someone armed sneaking about as it does someone who doesn’t appear to be armed. Seeing an armed figure walking up the path after an event will mean nothing. It could be one of us.

I’m not talking about setting up courts or having us act as judge and jury. I’m talking about watching what they do without putting you or yours at risk and then making a calm and rational decision based on their actions, your risk factors and your gut feel. It may be the wrong decision and you never know where that could lead at that stage. At the very least some stolen food to the death of your community.

So think about a few things up front. How you can handle a situation, hopefully it won’t be the catch all shoot them, but you may need to prepare first. For example if you block off your road to make it look abandoned consider a small sign and a bell, invisible from beyond the road block, that says this place is occupied. Ring the bell if you want to meet. How someone reacts at that tells you something. If they pull their gun out and pull off the road that tells you something different than someone picking up and ringing the bell and shouting hello or someone just turning around and leaving.

Personally, I’m not very forgiving, Sorry 🙂 So if someone steals from me then I’ll never trust them again plus I’ve not gone to all this trouble and expense to share everything because the majority think it is the right thing to do. Depending on how that goes it could get violent. People, even kind hearted people, don’t take kindly to people holding on to what they think should be shared within a community. That is why I want to be on my own. I’m OK with close proximity with like minded people so we can share and provide mutual help but I’ll be deciding what I want to share and who with and when I want to get involved.

That also means that justice after an event is unlikely to be justice at all. As we have mentioned before we will not have the capability of imprisonment for some time. We either punished them and release them or execute them. Each person will mete out their own justice and some of them will just call for retribution from others. Yet, if the punishment is too light then that can backfire as well.

Try not to overthink it. Try and size up the situation and try and do what is right whilst minimising the risk to you and yours. It’s not perfect but it is all you can do.

Just to show that it isn’t all black and white and the sort of situation we all could face. What do you do when most of your street has bugged out, the remainder have simply died in their homes from stress and starvation but you still have a couple of families, one Johnny McChav with his inbred bunch of thieves and Mr and Mrs Worthington-Smythe, a doctor and a vet, with their two kids, who won’t or can’t leave with ever diminishing stores living almost next door? Think about it.

7 comments to The difficult questions

  • Not as clear cut as anyone might assume really, the example hints at save the Worthingtons and fight off the McChavs but would the McChavs be a useful ally? Most of the detrius of our current society have no problem with stealing raping and genrally pillaging during the normal working week, so if some alliance could be worked out they may be the sort to go out scavenging for supplies and also called upon to defend against others that would do the same in return. As a simple fact of life the people that prepare are usually not the extremely violent type, and in the worst situations, well i’ll leave that to your thoughts.
    Mind how you go.

  • bigpaul

    bugger that! after TSHTF all bets are off…shoot to kill!!!!i prepped for my family not some chav who couldnt or wouldnt be bothered, just spent their money on fags and booze.

  • Skean Dhude

    Undertaker, Good point. One persons chav is another persons brother. I was trying to pick two extremes although as you said I would look at both of them before making any decision.

    Most people are not violent, even those who talk about it but after an event I suspect that our morals will shit dramatically.

    BP, Except for yours. 🙂

  • Skean Dhude

    LOL. I meant shift ….

  • Axon

    Single mom, check, two small kids, check,
    Months worth of food … check. Crossbow …check. Lots of water …check. Heritage seeds … check. Plans for making everything from shoes, to soap to water filters… check…
    Reliance on a bloke to keep me safe… absent. Self reliance, priceless…

    • Paul

      Good on you Axon.
      My other half is a good shot, self reliant, and confident too.
      She reckons that the only reason she keeps me round is to chase spiders.

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