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British Pluck

I think we need to face facts. The British Pluck has gone from public view. Replaced by metrosexuals who get their hair highlighted, their nails manicured and cry when they get frustrated or they see a dead animal in the road. Our society sees this as progress. The violence is being beaten out of us. Part of the socialist agenda to reprogramme every man, woman and child in the country.

There are still quite a few tough hombres there who just get about their daily business ignoring what is going on all around them. In the olden days they would get together in pubs and rant about how stupid the government, plod and the public really are. Now as it is not the right thing to do we just bugger off home and rant about it on blogs and forums.

No wonder women are getting frustrated when it appears there are no real men around. We are all indoors explaining to others how to gut a rabbit and build a solar array out of the innards.

I actually wonder if after an event most of these people would have the balls to actually go out into the street and face conflict with other people over some food. I would hope so but I read all the time about children being taken from parents by the state for minor transgressions and these same people then meekly go home and whine to their friends. No balls whatsoever although to be fair I should point out that the state seems to be careful who it chooses as its victims. Growler McChav with his tattoos and piercings is fine while others are persecuted for asking for help when they are ill and need some help bringing up a child.

The point is though is that no matter what happens nobody does anything to fight back. Try some of these things in almost any other country in the world and there are roits. OK, OK, I’ll accept that there is still that socialist paradise Sweden where it is difficult to separate the men and the women by their actions. Norway was on the list until recently joining the rest of the planet. So, why is it we just sit by so passively? It is because the state doesn’t pick on the Alpha mates unless it is an ambush by some traffic lights where they just waste them or it is because there are just so many limp wristed males in the country now? I’m leaning towards them avoiding Alpha males unless they have superior firepower. It makes me wonder how much these metrosexuals will fight to feed themselves? Probably like animals, until they break a nail anyway.

So, I believe that the average British male is just keeping his head down. Ready to explode up when the time is right and as these are the ones with families. I suspect they will fight a lot to keep themselves fed. Don’t be fooled by mild mannered Clark Kent and make sure you prep to cover a visit from him and his mates. The others won’t make it to your house past these guys anyway.

16 comments to British Pluck

  • Paul

    Without the media whipping up a frenzy, neither passion or anger will happen.
    As the government control ALL media, I’m guessing it’s going to be quiet for a bit longer.

  • Northern Raider

    “The British Pluck has gone from public view. Replaced by metrosexuals who get their hair highlighted, their nails manicured and cry when they get frustrated or they see a dead animal in the road.”

    Tut tut SD thats no way to refer to our southern cousins !!! 🙂

    But I do know theres no shortage of pluck, indeed it is said some of our own members are real pluckers 🙂

  • Northern Raider

    TBH many folks will riot and protest and fight, but as soon as the government throws them a few crumbs they capitulate and go home.

    What most of the sheeple have long since forgotten is that for a government to give you something, ( Tax rebates, benefits, liberties, rights etc) It must have first taken them away from you.

  • Jeff

    A few years back I ran across a Brit in a bar in Wilmington , North Carolina . He wAsn’t a very large man and some rowdy’s began to mock his accent which to his credit he ignored. One large overbearing punk then decided to get physical with him which turned out to be a very bad mistake . That mild mannered seemingly weak Brit cleaned his clock.He certainly had the Pluck .

  • bigpaul

    I think you are wrong, yes there are lots of people out there who wont say “boo to a goose” and will do whatever the govt tells them to do…but then there are sheeple everywhere( the govt/god will provide brigade) but as the riots have shown there is a lot of violence just simmering under the surface.

  • Paul

    I agree Bigpaul but the violence isn’t aimed at the government and there lies the problem.

    Until the people do protest directly AT the politicians they will be content to carry on the way they are.
    Once those in their ivory towers feel threatened, once they walk outside their mansion doors to a crowd of people, then it gets personal.
    Even stupid politicians will get the message, even if it’s just from their partners giving them hell.

  • Northern Raider

    One problem society faces right across the free world (sic) is the police, most of em have happily sold out being servants of the community they work in and are now integral parts of the state that is crushing the public at large, IE the cops have sold out for 12 pieces of silver.

    So if the public rise up as they are this week in Madrid, Paris and Athens the cops instead of being the protectors of the community become protectors and bodyguards of the rich ruling elite, those same people who created the mess we are in.

    You can see the abuses every day in the media and the cops et al are all saying a very familiar thing “We are only obeying orders”

    In fact todays cops are so dumb and incapable of rational thought that even when the govt sacks thousands of em, and cuts their pay those who remain in post abandon loyalty to their former colleagues and grovel to TPB.

    • Ellen

      Northern Raider
      I find it amazing at how the police can only see what they have learned at “Police school” which they went to after “government run school” so they have no thought patterns. In fact 8 1/2 of them are clinically brain dead.
      I tried to use the collective sense of YOU at the police department and this cop kept saying it wasn’t him that was the culprit of what I was complaining about. He did this repeatedly as I kept up the YOU jargon.
      I finally left yelling glad I wasn’t shot as YOU would probably assume I was dead. One of the detectives that had overheard my conflict laughed as I stomped off.
      And there is nothing like cop mentality, it’s as hard to fight as stupid is.
      The other 1 1/2 are ones that lived lives that they know that things are not as they seem and ask the right questions and do not assume you are breaking the law just because you are standing in your front yard.

  • I agree with NR the police have sold the public out, as have the political parties that are also supposed to represent ‘US’ the public. They do it for political correctness, they do it just to ‘keep the peace’ by covering up certain crimes (as in the child sex trade that the muslims are involved in)(and no that isn’t racist ‘muslim isn’t a race it’s a religion’), and they do it for the old favorite that takes top slot ‘money’; the feathering of ones nest. And we the public let them because very few will stand up and say enough, simply because they will stand alone in most cases and much like the disciples of christianity even those who agree, will in a lot of cases deny any support in case they too are pilloried. The police are in most cases the same, stand up for what is ‘right’ and serve the public, ‘find a new job’ because the public already hate you (pigs) and you work mates who serve the imperial masters will hate you for upsetting their quiet life. And as SD said at the start where men would gather in pubs, form bonds and rise as one; now pubs are shutting at every turn, less people band together and more sheeple are created and controlled by the media and latest fashion / video game etc. The ‘pluck’ hasn’t gone there are just less people who have it.
    Mind how you go.

  • prepper1

    Just be careful who you show your pluck too.
    The grey man wins where the more overtly displayed pluck gets you noticed…
    Showing your pluck for example to ward off local nobbies is great but try that with the local coppers and they don’t like it your suddenly a threat… and threats get noted for future use…
    Like the old saying goes “there’s a time and a place for everything”

  • Northern Raider

    Prepper 1 is right there, Grey man pholosophy is the safest way ahead mixed with a healthy dose of NEVER trusting the police EVER. I’m of the school of thought that believes that when a constable is being trained they thrash every last drop of common sense out of them and replace it with political correctness.

  • Ellen

    I think hiding in plain sight is the best OPSEC one could practice.
    Being the one that is not a know it all but knows to what extent he can go is the one with the balls.
    Being more cunning than the cunning and being able to out fox the fox is priceless.
    All in all balls maybe on Goliath and then again on the 98lb under estimated weakling.
    But whomever, keep your mouth shut and keep your eyes and ears open.

  • iaaems

    The greys have it – in my estimation.
    In ones dealings with the Police it might be interesting to find out, at the time, whether you are being confronted by a Policeman/Woman or a Police Officer. As I understand it a Policeman/Woman has to uphold Law and Order whereas a Police Officer does not. It has to be said that I have very little to do with our folks in uniform and life is all the better for it.

  • bigpaul

    Trust no one and trust a Plod even less!!

    • Northern Raider

      To true BP look at the white girls in Rochdale and south Yorks failed and betrayed by the police, look at the Hillsbrough victims made into criminals because of police corruption, look at the shop, home and business owners in Tottenham and other London boroughs who lost everything when the police ran. look at J C Menezes and the news paper vendor.
      Look at the north east where we currently have THREE chief Constable and a Deputy Chief Constable suspended for suspected criminality, look at Durham where Fire arms officers were SELLING guns they were supposed to destroy.

      The difference between British cops and British criminals is the former has not yet been caught.

  • Brixham Badger

    What has dragged Britain’s police to the gutter is the fact that for many, many years, police officers who knew that their colleagues were at fault said nothing & the criminals wearing police uniforms, who thought they had got away with it, were prepared to do anything necessary to hide the truth, safe in the knowledge that neither the government, M.P.s or the press would ever speak out against “Britain’s wonderful police”.

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