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How we need to prepare



Fear Uncertainty Doubt.

It is our lot in life to live in a little bit of Fear. Fear of the furure that we think will be worse than what we have now. Fear of the unknown. It is good for us to feel that way as it is what is driving us to prepping. It […]

Anthrax Island

In 1942, fearful that German forces would attempt to use bio weapons against mainland Britain scientists elected a small island, Gruinard, half a mile of the coast of Scotland, to test the effects of anthrax, which at that time would have been the weapon of choice.

The flock of sheep put there to test the […]

The species barrier

Recently two polar bears at a Berlin zoo started foaming at the mouth and having seizures, one of them , Jerka died a week later, the other Lars, survived after several weeks of intensive treatment.

Post-mortem studies on the brain of the dead bear revealed encephalitis, swelling of the brain, caused by a virus found […]

Making your choices

People choices define their capability to prep. Sometimes you are lucky and you already live in an area which supports prepping, you may even have spare money or you may have a job that allows you to work from anywhere.

Most of us are not that lucky though. We don’t have that many choices. We […]