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How we need to prepare


Silent but deadly

One thing I think we can all agree on is that the unknown has a significant fear factor. It makes us careful and fearfull. It is something that we cannot discount.

This means areas such as biological, nuclear and nutter attacks create a fear for us and one not easily handled either. Because, certainly for biological and nuclear, there is little to see even while we are being attacked and thus we must rely on protection that we are not sure works at a time we are not clear it is needed and later we have no idea if the threat is gone. It’s slightly different with a nutter as you can prepare a little more and as you progress the risk gets less.

The first of our silent killers, a common virus, we get hit by these every time, luckily it is usually only a cold but it shows how vulnerable we are to them. We try and protect but there appears little we can do except for isolation. Yet we don’t know when someone is ill to start that. After an event we have to hope more than prepare especially if we are in large groups.

What can we do
We will do what we can to keep healthy but the situation will be such that our immune systems will be weaker initially. This makes us more likely to pick these up. Cleaners like alcohol washes and so on will help protect us while they last but it will not be long before we run out of these. So in the long term we will be as defenseless as we are now. Ripe for infection but then we will not have the facilities we have now for aiding our recovery and our survival.

After an event a mandatory quarantine would be a good idea but as we grow in size and start to trade with others for day to day living we have to hope more than prepare. It will be a constant worry.

The most difficult to deal with. You could be getting a lethal dose now and not even know it. You can’t detect it without some testing gear and most protection is useless. By the time you realise something is wrong you are all ill.

What can we do
Very little in the real world. We can set up detection systems and prepare a shelter and protective gear. However, you really need some warning to prepare correctly. If you suspect there is a nuclear attack imminent or one has occured you can put your gear on, take your pills and hide in the bumker. You can use your geiger counter to check radiation levels and wait until it is clear living off stored food.

Beyond that though you are on your own. geiger counters need power and monitoring. A surprise attack leaves you as dead as anyone else and outside your bunker and without protective gear. There is of course the risk that long after a pandemic or non nuclear war someone presses some buttons and many of us can be seen at night. We could be weeks, months even into a survival situation and won’t be watching a geiger counter. At least it won’t be a constant worry though.

I’ve got some nuclear gear just in case but have accepted that it is for short term use only. A notifiable event that we can prepare for. Beyond that as the batteries go flat and the suits become less effective we are on our own. Unless you are lucky enough to have your own bunker and food for a lifetime then you are on your own. Frustrating that we could go for years and then get hit and there is nothing anyone can do.

Nutter Attacks
Sometimes not really silent but nevertheless we are always fearful of the skulking predator that sneaks up behind us and rips our throat out before doing vile things to our bodies or depending on taste the other way around. It is one of the more likely scenarios after an event. A deranged nutter wandering the country.

What can we do
This is something you can do something about. You can set up alarms. You can watch out for strangers and you can set up guards. You can lock your doors and secure your important possesions. You can be vigilant. That doesn’t stop the determined nutter but it makes you worry a lot less. Still a constant worry and for a very long time the sight of a stranger, any stranger, will cause fear.

These are all risks that we can do little about. Risks that we face and have no idea if the next minute will see a change in circumstances from something we cannot fully prepare against. Just do what you can and if you decide that one risk is a nuclear attack that you can get prior warning about then prepare for that as well. Just accept the limitations of your preps and you can rest easy knowing you have done what you can.

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