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It is not MAD but insane

One of the key corner stones of our defence policy during the cold war was the fact that despite political reteric and propaganda the enemy loved their children too. They all believed in the philosophy of MAD and wanting to live and keep their children alive they kept the covers over the buttons for the […]

Some things you just can’t prepare for

and this week I seemed to hit them all. Luckily none were too serious. I was going to leave the surveys up for a few days anyway but it went on much longer than intended.

First of all I was tied up at work on some business for the last two weeks with little time […]

Remember, Remember the 5th November

On this date we celebrate someone who tried to do what many would like to do today. Blow up parliament and the politicians within. It is seen as treason to plot and conspire against the government of the day although interestingly enough we do it all the time. We campaign and vote for them to […]

Why manage this site?

I’ve been asked over the last few weeks while I’ve had very little time to work on these sites why I bother to do any work at all on them. I make no money, I invest my time on the upkeep and my own money on the hosting and get nothing tangible in return. So […]