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There be changes afoot

I’m making some changes to the sites in the new year.

The main site – SurvivalUK.Net

This will remain pretty much the same format. However, now I’m going to try and increase the number of articles by bribing people to write some because it’s always the same few, and their input is greatly appreciated, but to keep it interesting we need a wider variety of subjects so I’m going to suggest some when we get started. I’ll write up the process in the New Year.

Forum Site – Forum.SurvivalUK.Net

This will be where most changes will take place. I’m fed up with the petty arguments that descend into personal attacks. So I’m going to start deleting posts and articles that do that and ban the guilty parties.

in addition there are posts that have no relevance to prepping. Either articles about politics or foreign events that add nothing to debates. Many are reposted under a different title when something insignificant happens.

I still want to leave the posts uncensored and let the users talk about general things but we are prepping here and we want to make it relevant and available for all.

27 comments to There be changes afoot

  • Seal Driver

    That seems fair and wise.

  • howard

    yes seems fair to me ..posts lately put off newbies with the petty remarks and miss completly the point of this site…all in favour to keep the origine of what the site was set up for, …..excuse me my tounge is a bit dry bnow

  • MikeAlpha3041

    Seems a reasonable step/s to take.

  • iaaems

    Every undertaking, large or small, requires an overhaul of its purpose and procedures on a regular basis, otherwise it will slowly degenerate into something of no real value. What I have just said is not in any way a criticism of what we have here and I endorse what SD is about. Fine tuning is necessary from time to time.
    On a personal note I do find that some of the language, here and elsewhere, more than a bit offensive. Discussions which wander off track without any redirection are somewhat irritating as well.
    As I am not an expert on the creation and maintenance of websites I can only guess at the amount of time and effort required to keep things going on an even keel. Very many thanks for what we have had so far SD. I am sure that what you propose will be for the long term benefit. At this point may I wish everyone a ‘very merry Christmas and a happy New Year’.

  • prepper1

    Unfortunately, I feel you’ll continue to loose members that’ll keep drifting away.
    Not for just one reason but many.

    Some members are very prudish where language is concerned and faint at the first sight of a swear word.
    Whilst not necessary it forms the everyday language of some people me included.

    Some including me, are very, very, confused what we can and cant post, whats relevant to prepping and whats not.

    If your after a totally prepping post only related site with no chatter about any other news or events it’ll be a very boring site that end up like other sites that just bang on about canning, jamming and going over the same things again and again.

    Prepping by nature isn’t a very exciting thing once you have achieved what you see as your optimum level of preps and of course after a while you make friends on the site and banter with them as you would friends in life.

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  • Seal Driver

    Well after sleeping on it and then re-reading this, I have to agree with Prepper 1. Most of the posts, ideas and chatter come from a core group within the forum, sometimes the posts wonder off course and are not always 100% ‘Prepper’ based, they also contain some ‘colourful’language and humour but then that’s how conversations in the real world works.

    Lets see the purest take the lead and see how long that lasts, lets see how many articles they produce and what ideas they put forward over the long term.

    You can say what you like about members drifting away and returning or moving on, but you need enough members with the passion and energy to keep the forum alive otherwise the ‘Admins’ job is a great deal harder. If the long term members do not feel comfortable they will move on….fine but then so does much of your forum content, experience and knowledge, after all the ‘Prepping Community’ is not very big so eventually the watering hole will dry up or slow to a stygian trickle.

  • Northern Raider

    From afar I can now sit back and speak on this issue openly, I love the original concept that SD created with this forum, the only two bits I never liked was his picture of a compost heap at the top of the page :), and a dire lack of graphics. BUT apart from those very minor points I found this forum to be the most enlightening and rewarding of all the forums I visited and used. His hands off attitude worked ever so well so long as there was not so many members. But now with over 300 regular users some of whom do appear to be just bored or hobbyists and others who like I sometime did and forget ladies and children also read this site who let foul mouthed outbursts become a blight (something I feel shamed to admit that even I slipped into doing but with extreme provocation).

    The bad language was / is not only disrespectful and inconsiderate and its part of the reason my missus stopped viwing the forum. Ask yourselves would YOU use such language in front of your mum or gran ? if not then dont use it on a forum used by ;adies and children.

    The forum DOES need reigning in and pushing back onto a slightly narrower and more on topic bandwidth and I know SD will only apply the absolute minimum of adjustment neccessary. To be honest if you dont like SDs amendment thats just tough because you wont find a better forum anywhere.

  • fred

    Groan – you’re doing a Google, are you and making everything prettier and less workable? Why can’t people leave well alone?

  • Skvez

    I only have a limited amount of time to spend reading posts every day and am generally frustrated with the vast amount of “chatting” that goes on in response to a thread by people who clearly don’t have anything better to do.
    While getting to know other preppers is an important part of the forum it would be nice if we could keep the chatting off the information threads.

  • half_pint

    Maybe set up a chat room, either on the forum or on irc so folks can sound off to each other there without cluttering up the board.

  • Destiny

    fair enough SD.
    it can get annoying with people generally chatting in the threads.
    I agree with half_pint.

  • grannymike

    seems ok keep things simple with helpful facts to help newbees but chat is good and in real world most people swear a lot

  • Undertaker

    Well i am new to the site and still struggling to find my way around, so my opinion isn’t really worth much, having said that i’m sure SD is only doing what he believes is best for the site and best to help those of us who need it.

  • Northern Raider

    I’m sure SD will work his magic with a very light touch when he rebalances the forum, I’m confident the forum with grow and thrive with its current new members and without dinosaurs like me to offend everyone. SUK has a very good future I believe.

  • TOF

    I applaud SD’s decision. The site has grown so quickly and it has got to a point where some form of moderation is essential to keep the forums on track.
    I stopped posting a while ago. Quite frankly the views, advice and recommendations sometimes offered have been inaccurate, and in some cases, downright dangerous. Some posts have been so right of centre the views expressed could give Hitler a run for his money. I have no wish to to associate myself with such views.
    It’s all very well to say not to read a thread if you don’t like the content, but it got to the point where threads were being hijacked and derailed by misplaced humour or political views.
    I have noticed over the last couple days since SD made this announcement that threads have stayed on topic. Which is all good stuff. I’ll continue to read, but like may more will not post.
    I fully expect a reaction, but don’t worry, unlike a few folk on here, I have a tough hide

  • Juice

    I advise caution to SD’s decision; yes trim down the site but keep the freedom.
    I have a very thin skin when it comes to restriction of freedom.
    No moderation is needed; You know someone by what they say.
    It’s obvious when Guardian reading loveys from the leafy suburbs appear spouting a form of control (moderation), whilst remaining silent to views, advice and recommendations which may be inaccurate or dangerous.

    I’ll keep on posting; some of the views, advice and recommendations have been fantastic; it’s everyones own responsibility to do their own research and to check for accuracy.

    Political subjects need to be posted it keeps people switched on and aware of what’s happening either here or around the world. The banker lead government has so much control over our lives it would make Hitler proud. People take their freedom for granted.
    Just about everything is a topic of discussion – in regards to life.

    As regards to the respect, of all SD’s hard work; and consideration to other members…
    I fully expect action – up your game everyone.

  • Kenneth Eames

    SD. I am pleased to hear of your plans for the coming year. Unfortunately, I have been very busy studying and preparing remedies for a possible survival situation in the future. If a terrible event occurs and the NHS fails, alternative practitioners will need to take over to keep people alive. In the New Year I will post more material on site that will give information on medication for you and your loved ones.
    Kenneth Eames.

  • Simple Simon

    I fully support SD’s attempt to refocus the forum

    Although I am not a member of the forum I do read it and I think if the forum wants to grow and be a valuable prepping resource then it needs to be more focused on prepping and stay away from the politics and rubbish that is often discussed

    Freedom to post on anything you like will only work if the posters can be relied upon to moderate themselves, but anyone who has looked at the forum over the last year or so can see that in too many instances that just isn’t happening.

    It’s no coincidence that LSG (Ludlow Survivors group)is one of the longer lasting UK prepping forums and is generally regarded as having top quality content. The reason the content is top quality is because they have strict rules in place regarding what is a valid prepping topic and what isn’t which means you dont have to sift through mountains of junk to find the information you were looking for

    At the end of the day it depends on what SD wants the site to become, if he wants it to become a top quality prepping resource then the content needs to be moderated to stay on topic, if he wants it to be just one of the many sites spouting off about politicians and conspiracy theories then leave it as it is

    Like i said earlier, freedom of speech and moderation relies on members showing some self restraint and keeping on topic, but from my experience over the years from viewing this site and others that plan just never works


  • prepper1

    N.r. is that you pretnding to b simon??? certainly sounds grumpy like you…

    • Northern Raider

      Nup definately not I, primarily becaue every time i have tried to join my application has eiither been turned down, ignored or never heard from again so i cannot comment on the quality of LSG but it does have a very good rep as a BUSHCRAFTING forum, but I remember one of its senior members saying many years ago it did not want ” Survivalists” on its site ?

  • prepper1

    Ludlows crap anyway, its a pompous, over regulated, busybody site. tried it didnt like it one bit, do as i say or your off the forum type place no practical use to serious preppers just a middle class armchair wanna be’s site.
    BUT that is just MY opinion.

  • Northern Raider

    Guys SD will surely only take the most delicate of touches to modify the best UK based forum on the web, everything needs boundaries and constraints if it is to focus on its core subjects. I’ve been looking for other forums since last sunday and not come across anything that could hold a stick to by a very long margin.

  • John Page

    I’ve seen it on numerous sites, people get very upset when they realise that there are opinions that differ from their own

  • Cliff

    Opinions are like a**eholes….. EVERYONE has one!

  • Skean Dhude

    Part of the remit of this site it to air other opinions. People state something then someone gives a different view. They discuss it and thats is supposed to be it. But people get entrenched and it sometimes gets out of hand. Not that often but you see it every now and again. When someone gets that way it is best to just leave it after all you have pointed out options, not everyone wants to hear.

  • Cliff

    Lets face it guys, if we can’t adapt or take another view we just anrn’t gonna survive after the SHTF so it won’t matter what point of view or opinion we hold we’ll fail…….

    None one can know everything in exactly the same way that none of us can plan for every scenario we all need to flexible in our opinions and planning and most of all listen because there may be a point you’ll miss and that point may mean success or failure, winning or loosing, living or dying……

    Two words = Prepper Community

  • ballo1000

    Northern Raider

    18 December 2012 at 16:53 · Reply

    Nup definately not I, primarily becaue every time i have tried to join my application has eiither been turned down, ignored or never heard from again so i cannot comment on the quality of LSG but it does have a very good rep as a BUSHCRAFTING forum, but I remember one of its senior members saying many years ago it did not want ” Survivalists” on its site ?
    . .


    17 December 2012 at 09:16 · Reply

    Ludlows crap anyway, its a pompous, over regulated, busybody site. tried it didnt like it one bit, do as i say or your off the forum type place no practical use to serious preppers just a middle class armchair wanna be’s site.
    BUT that is just MY opinion.

    Two “Experts” on LSG apparently LOL

    How many years has it been going now? I think it is close to 8 years isn’t it? Must have something going for it.;-)

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