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How we need to prepare


Everyone should plan for Bugging Out and Bugging In

Many of us are planning to bug out as soon as we realise something is going on. Others will wait for the initial rush is over and bug out is a more controlled manner, some of us don’t intent to bug out whilst some of us have already bugged out.

Regardless of your chosen option […]

Getting more than you can use

I’m a firm believer in having more than you need of everything. Having extra has several advantages and is well worth considering as a strategy.

First of all, and importantly,

You have what you need.


You have some contingency in case your primary store is damaged, stolen or you made some miscalculations on stocking […]

Storing your preps

As our preps rely on us storing things we need to be pretty sure how we are going to do that correctly. Storing things, anything, is not just sticking it in the loft or in the shed and leaving it until we need it. Storing and preserving them for use requires careful handling.

There are […]

Lady Luck

You watch what you do every day to reduce risk, you plan out how you will react to every scenario and you have all the right equipment and know how to use it. You are prepared for any and every eventuality you can think of. Nobody else even comes close to what you have put […]