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How we need to prepare



I don’t know about you but I like making lists. Being a planner with a bad memory I like to make sure I have a checklist that I can tick off whilst I am doing a task and I can make sure I don’t forget anything. I also list keeping lists on the contents of […]

Survivalist / Prepper or what?

When I was starting in prepping everything was over in the US and there was only a few of us in the UK. We classed ourselves as Survivalists because the emphasis was on living in all weathers outdoors. We all had massive Rambo knives, I still have mine, and we all knew how to start […]

Common Sense

We keep on looking at people and laughing at what they do stating ‘Have they no common sense?’ The truth is that common sense isn’t that common and it is becoming less so as time goes on.

You see common sense isn’t something we all have like a reflex that kicks in when it is […]


No. I’m not going bananas but merely telling you a tale I tell most of the people when I am teaching them to focus and look at things objectively. It was something I learnt when I worked for a pharmaceutical company many moons ago. One of the sad but unfortunate tasks it was legally required […]