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The Carrington event

On September 1st 1859 an incident known as the Carrington event, so named after the British amateur astronomer Richard Carrington, caused mayhem in telegraph offices where equipment began to fail and paper caught fire. Telegraph operators received moderate electric shocks if they were using the equipment at the time.

Of course in 1859 there […]

Advantages of living in the city

I’m sure we all know the disadvantages of living in a city or a heavily populated environment. People. However, there is one advantage that living in those areas gives you. Material and housing from those people.

After an event we all know that people will be dying off through lack of food and the cold, […]

It’s chilly out

Woke up this morning to be welcomed by a chilly misty morning. Anybody that pays attention is aware that changes are afoot to our climate and although I still believe our weather is not too extreme and thus easily survivable I look and prepare so that it does not impact me too much.

The normal […]


After an event that lasts more than a few months we will find that our equipment will slowly start to fail. This means that within ten to fifteen years having access to a computer will be a rare thing. So at first we may have access to our files on computer but we cannot rely […]