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What preps do

No matter how much you have put aside and preppared, no matter how much you enjoy life and no matter how lucky you are after an event with the weather and circumstances your survival is by no way guaranteed.

You just have to read the news and you find people that have survived various terrible and unsurvivable ordeals and come through. These people just react to their situation and do what is necessary to live. They adapt to the situation and do whatever is necessary, chewing off their own arm if it comes to that. Just to survive.

In the same news you see there are others who do not do as well when things go wrong. They lose their homes or their jobs and they see that as the end of the world and they just curl up and die or kill themselves because they see no other way to life and are unwilling to adapt to changing circumstances. You look and those and think they are crazy. When an event occurs even sane people will wonder if there is any point to go on. There will be a lot of these.

Many will fight and survive because they will have something to fight for. Kids or family or they may even be a born survivor. There will be a few of them and many will be criminals.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives… nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin

All your preps do is help you when things get a bit tight and if there is an event they help you survive and make life just that bit easier. They help you and your family make the transition to a new style of living.

Your state of mind though is a lot more important than any other preps you can make. That is why educating yourself and thinking about options and scenarios is one of the most important things you can do.

After that every tin, every item that you store improves your chances.

12 comments to What preps do

  • Northern Raider

    It is not the strongest of the species that survives… nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin

    I think its those with the wisdom, drive and commitment to make the sacrifices to relocate away from the urban connurbations are the most adaptable and the most likely to survive and thrive, and those who stay put and are unwilling to become “adaptable” are todays Tasmanian Tigers.

    And equally I am always reminded of a phrase often used by both my head of year at school and by my RSM in the army ” Theres no such word as Can’t”

  • mprepper1

    ” cant means wont, and wont means jail!!!” I remember that!!!

  • mprepper1

    Anyway, Stop writing people off who wont/cant relocate for whatever reason.
    We are aware of the shortfalls of suburban survival.

    We plan for those shortfalls, well I do anyway…

    We are also aware of the shortfalls of thinking your beyond reach in the country like some of you bumpkins do…

    THAT is a bad idea, you may be insulated for a while, then come the raiding party’s…

    We are all survivors that’s why we’re preppers.

    suburban prepper, country prepper city prepper.

    ANY prepper worth his or her salt will plan for bugging in and bugging out.

    Thats just sensible.
    I hope you country preppers have planned on bugging out somewhere else and arent just counting on your country safety to carry you through.

    Now THATS poor palnning.
    Remember the six p’s from the Army days…
    Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance…

  • bigpaul

    i think we’ve had this conversation before..about raiders coming out of the city into the countryside,,,anyway i know i have!!

  • Northern Raider

    I dont write em off, if they are aware of the threat that they should react to, but they choose not to address the threat what else can be done but to discount them.

    And its seven Ps Proper professional planning prevents a piss poor performance 🙂

    • Northern Raider

      We have BP on multiple occcasions,
      Yes, Yes and Yes Mr P1 we have do and are, dunno why urban preppers are so concerned about rural preppers contingency plans though if they are unwilling to deal with their own shortfalls in their own planning 🙂

  • steve

    I’ve just started reading this website over the last few days. Very interesting, nothing to be ignored really, all good stuff. I’ve haphazardly started to prep over the last couple of years. Glad I can now have an excellent reference point. Looking through this there are constant theme’s, one being rural/city/suburb. I don’t,think it matters too much where. Knowing your surroundings will be key early on surely. Bugging in or bugging out. And survival instinct and slices of luck as SD has said will all help. For me, suburb semi-rural bug in and bug outs are the go to options. Plus, establishing a network with friends. Safety in numbers. Plus an old rugby saying springs to mind ‘those who sing together,win together’. Excuse the grammar and naivety.

  • Luci ferson

    im planning on the safety in numbers idea too.
    sadly its not as easy as you would think to find others who are interested, especially amongst friends and family.
    sadly explaining that its better to prep and not need it than not prep and need it is next to impossible.
    But in fairness its a bit like the red and blue pill in the matrix movie.
    once you take the red pill theres no going back.
    most of them just dont want to leave the safety of their own little imaginary bubble that the world is indestructable.
    or that the political system still works and we can put everything right with a vote sometime in the future.
    sometimes I wish id taken the other pill too.
    so cant really blame them.
    they do say ignorance is bliss. They just forgot to mention that it can be fatal too.

  • Luci ferson

    as for the subject of rural city or suburb, they all have advantages and disadvantages.
    personally the rural makes the best sense if you can.
    but its not a possibility for a lot of us.
    being rural means you would miss all the initial riots, looters and general mobs. (huge bonus in itself cos the other groups will have to survive these before they even get bothered with organised raiders)
    only having to deal with the organised mobs that would arrive in rural areas much later.
    by then youve had plenty of time to make your own little party bigger taking in a few straggling preppers whose plans went pear shaped but have weapons and usefull items with them.
    and you more than likely already had a pretty good defence system set up anyway as your out of the way of prying eyes anyway so can get away with allsorts of defences long before ever needing them.
    as for the rest of us , we have to make do with the best we can

  • Luci ferson

    oh how I wish I could aford a little farm in the middle of a village that has never had broadband and isnt on a map.
    a nice little place that still thinks a cinema is the back room of a tavern with a B&W Tv .

  • Luci ferson

    As for urban. it really depends on what you mean,
    Im urban, in the way of I live on the far outskirts of a large town that is surrounded by fields and motorway system.
    with a few wooded areas and nature reserves within 2 miles.
    Others who are urban mean little town on the outskirts of a city and they are surrounded by other towns. Personally id class that the same as city living.
    I can only imagine being stuck in a city when tshtf . I couldnt begin to imagine planning for it.

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