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How we need to prepare


Keeping yourself alive – Water

As we know Water is probably the single most important commodity we control that we need to live. We can go several days without food, warmth and sleep but only about three days without water. I’m ignoring air for this scenario as we cannot keep nor control the air and anything that takes it away […]

Boiling Frogs

Everyone knows the story that if you put a frog in boiling water it will just jump out. Putting it in cool water and then raising the temperature until it is boiled seems to be the way to cook frogs. I don’t know if that story is true but it seems to fit our situation. […]

What preps do

No matter how much you have put aside and preppared, no matter how much you enjoy life and no matter how lucky you are after an event with the weather and circumstances your survival is by no way guaranteed.

You just have to read the news and you find people that have survived various terrible […]

Buying in bulk

I’ve found that in the UK there are few stores that offer discounts on bulk purchases. The best we can hope for are the regular offer of BOGOF and the special offers that are held by stores and none of them are for bulk items. In fact many stores limit the number of purchases of […]