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Picking your fights

There will come times in life, never mind prepping, where you have to cut your losses. You could be in the right, you could have all the support that is needed but the end result is such that you are better off losing and living to fight another day. Life isn’t fair and you must learn to accept it.

An example of a way that impacts on us now is where the law prohibits you from owning weapons to defend yourself because according to them self defence is not a decent reason whilst they are protected by armed plod. That is a fight you can’t win. You against the might of the state. Virtually unlimited funds and no compassion means your fight would be short and brutal with jail time being the end result.

After an event life will not be much better. We could find it is again the state persecuting us but this time without the thin veneer of civilisation. They will take and do what they want and if you resist you will be crushed and more than likely killed. If it isn’t the state it will be someone else trying to take your stuff or bend you to their will. Life won’t just leave us alone.

Regardless of the cause and regardless of when it is, before or after an event, you should always weigh up the options and pick your fights. There are several questions you need to ask;

  • Can I win?
  • What will I gain if I win
  • What will I lose if I lose?
  • What resources could I expend to win?
  • What situation will be left if I win?
  • What situation will be left if I lose?

Some of those questions are more difficult to answer than others but all need to be considered.

Can I win?

An obvious one you would think. Considering the enemy’s resources, manpower and material, do I stand a chance of winning? What strategy would I use? A simple Yes or No is what you are looking at.

What will I gain if I win

What are you fighting for? It may be your life that you are defending or it may be a pair of socks but what is it you are willing to invest time, effort, resources and potentially your life to obtain. Itemise these.

What will I lose if I lose?

If the enemy is standing above your broken body with a big grin on his face what is it he will do? Take your stores, your life, your families lives or something specific such as your car. Itemise these.

What resources could I expend to win?

What could you lose even if you win? Would lives be lost, ammunition, other resources. What could happen? Look at what you are fighting for when you consider this. Do you want to risk your life for a toothbrush?

What situation will be left if I win?

More difficult is what should I consider about the situation after you have won. You may be able to win in a fight but what if that leaves you in a vulnerable position. Perhaps you will be seen as a predator or seen as untrustworthy. Maybe even compromised and vulnerable. These are important considerations and you don’t want to compromise yourself unless it is worth it. Even winning can leave you in a situation that you don’t want.

What situation will be left if I lose?

Even if your opponent doesn’t kill you or take anything losing can put you at a disadvantage. You could be seen as weak and other predators could decide that it is time they had a go or a previous opponent may decide that it is time for revenge. You may be unable to defend yourself.

Of course many times you won’t have an option. Someone attacks and you defend yourself. Only plod have 20/20 hindsight and examine every aspect before deciding you made the wrong decision or not.

I’m thinking though of the times when you know something is happening. You know Billy the Grownup is passing through town and intends to take your car for the rest of the journey. Run through the list.

  • Can you take him, Well, Yes if you ambush him.
  • What will you gain? Nothing.
  • What will you lose; probably more than your car if you are using deadly force and your car.
  • Cost, some time and some ammo. One bullet planned but maybe everything you have if it gets into a firefight.
  • What will be the situation if you win? Billy dead more than likely. People will be less likely to try that but those that do will be a lot more careful.
  • Situation if you lose? Family being brought up without you.

Just think about it. What else can you do if you want to avoid the fight and not risk your life. What happens if the car isn’t here? What if you simply disappear for a few days with the car? What if you ambush Billy before he comes for the car so nobody knows it is you or even let him take it and sabotage it so he leaves it a few miles away? There are many options that do not lead to conflict.

There won’t be any law and order after an event. Injuries are likely to be serious but even if minor could lead to being fatal. You want to be careful what fights you choose and when you choose plus you want to be 100% sure that you can win. But take care. Losing a fight may be better than winning one if you can live to fight another day and you don’t lose to much. Don’t risk your life for a bar of soap.

Pick your fights very carefully. Make sure that you chose those that you can win and that the resources and effort are worth it. If you can’t win then don’t risk your life over the inevitable. Just minimise your losses as much as you can.

3 comments to Picking your fights

  • Northern Raider

    Never pick a fight, pick the battle ground instead if you can.
    Tis better to be a living coward than a dead hero
    A kid with a single shot 22 only has to be lucky once and you with your full auto M4A2 are history
    Tracer works both directions
    To kill your opponant you have to first see him.
    He who knows the ground has the upper hand
    Never get into combat without first picking an escape route
    Its not the armed rambo in the middle of the street you need to be afraid of, its the shadows.

  • kiddsy

    Follow ‘Chance Favours’ an earlier post, make sure you prepare and have a good knowledge and maps of your area, and think about pos scenarios that ‘may’ happen in the future, I am in a big way.

  • bigpaul

    never pick a fight, but end one if you have to! remember in a WROL collapse their are no “marquis of queensbury” rules, do whatever you have to and put your enemy down. then walk away and get the hell out of there….fast!!

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