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Part 1: Prepping for urban survival – Home Location.

We all know preparation is key to increasing our survival odds so where better to start than your home. There is much that crosses over between all preps so I won’t be covering the absolute basics in what food stores to stock pile and the like. There are very good and informative guides here and […]

Tales from the Riverbank – Pt 4

So, would a boat make a good bug out location? I really can’t answer that as there are so many variables. I absolutely loved living on my boat as an affordable home and I would certainly recommend anyone thinking of such a lifestyle to give it a try. However it is just that, a lifestyle, […]

Introduction to Urban Survival

Its popular for preppers to plan a bug out location away from home and so concentrate a lot on bushcraft and hunting techniques. This preparation and knowledge is indeed valuable and I would suggest everyone has a good foundation in such, though, many overlook the urban component of survival. There are many reasons you might […]

Tales from the Riverbank – Pt 3

Living off grid on my small narrowboat was great fun but, as we’ve seen previously, requires some planning ahead to make sure you don’t run out of essentials like water, gas and electricity. It’s not hard, just a way of thinking ahead that in a “traditional” western home you don’t need to bother with as […]