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Couple of nuggets of information I’ve gathered that I’m passing on. Might be interesting, may not, depending on your interest.

I can’t find a decent file manager for the files that I have that doesn’t cost several hundred pounds. The free ones, and I’m tried a few, don’t give the simple options I require and many require registration by the users, you, to download. Registration being something I’ve avoided. So I’m going to write my own. Should take a couple of weeks tops. So things are moving, just very slowly.

As those that use the forum know there have been a little bit on sniping and tension on there. I’m running the show myself and don’t have time to administer it as much as I would like. I’m looking for everyone to behave and play nice. Most do but there are a few with strong opinions that don’t tolerate dissent. We need to be flexible and accept others don’t always have the same requirements.

I’ve also decided I’m going to take adverts and put up a donate button. I’ve have several people asking to donate or advertise over the years but I’ve not bothered. Over the last few weeks I’ve had people contacting me and asking. Strangly enough this includes a few US firms. I’m in talks now and I’ll let you know what happens.

Hope you had a good Easter.

5 comments to Nuggets

  • Binnie

    I agree on the forum tensions!

    I don’t think anyone will take offence to seeing banners here and there, they may actually be helpful especially if they are selling the kinds of things we need!

  • Northern Raider

    Aah common sense at last, its about time you go a donate button set up preferably using PayPal, and a few specific targeted ads could provide much needed revenue for the forum and some genuine deals for the members.

  • Luci ferson

    donate button is excellent idea, im actually surprised their wasn’t already one.
    please be carefull with the adverts though, ive seen many a good website destroyed by advertisements.
    Not because of the adverts being there. more because they were videos etc. and it caused the page load up times to be horrendous.
    Sometimes the adverts would cause pages to crash due to errors in the code or just the code being too large or sloppy for slower systems.
    a lot of us access the internet through low powered devices.

  • franc

    what kind of file manager system are you looking for?

    • Skean Dhude

      Something list a FTP interface that runs via PHP and can be used by a web browser. Tools like that are expensive for the good ones and I don’t want to pay that much. The free or cheaap ones didn’t do what I wanted. So I’m writing my own.

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