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Working undercover

No, it is nothing to do with spying, for either side, but more to do with keeping your preps secret.

One big thing we can do to help our preps is to modify our homes to suit our requirements. Whether it is to enhance our homes such as putting in wood burning stoves or to enable us to prep safer such as hidden cupboards and cache spaces. The only problem I have is that for some of these it is more than a one man job and you don’t want to hire someone local so they know where your cache is. So you are reduced to doing it yourself and taking much longer to do it.

Unless of course you are a Belgian serial rapist where it appears these things hardly take any time at all and even people living with you don’t know what is going on. I wonder how they manage that? Have any of them written a DIY guide to building underground bunkers unobserved?

I thought first about looking for someone who preps locally and was willing to do some heavy lifting but the concern is that unless they were someone I already knew the OPSEC risk is just too much. Then I thought about someone who doesn’t prep but could do with some cash in hand. That worked out better but the concern then was they would know where all of the main hidey holes were and that defeated the object again. So I was left looking at someone who is willing to travel and do some building work regardless of whether they were a prepper or not. That seems the best option with the only issue being housing them while the work is being done.

I was therefore left wondering if there was not an opportunity here for someone with building skills to hire themselves out to do some of these things in remote locations for preppers. Of course although I would pay cash I would expect them to pay their taxes. Anyone interested in this? I have a bunker I need excavated via a three foot square hole in the house.

6 comments to Working undercover

  • Luci ferson

    If you ever find the man, ive got a few jobs need doing myself.
    at the moment im having to do everything myself and its knocking my arthritis like hell.

    maybe some preppers could set up a system of trade for some of the bigger jobs.

    You help me with mine, I help you with yours kind of thing.

  • bigpaul

    sounds good, some kind of “skill share”??

  • Luci ferson

    be one way of getting some of that heavier work done.
    and id rather a prepper know what im building, than try con the local builder that the bunker in my living room is really an 8ft by 10ft swimming pool.
    (not a plan I have , just an example)

  • Metroyeti

    Good luck im sure plenty will be willing to do it, everyones after work at the moment. Make sure whoeverdoes it, makes it safe.

  • david075

    excavating via a 3ft x 3ft opening sounds tricky and time consuming a few questions come to mind how deep are you going down? and how wide? and the water table that could be the biggest problem . I looked at companys that do wine cellars but the cost is something like 15K for a small cellar very expensive for the amount of space you get. Also if this is going to be a diy job I suggest the “wine cellar” is as near the center or away from load bearing or outside walls.

  • james jackson

    I know its ddaft, but…. why not try the travelers, the ones from oz south africa. Thier are plenty that are on working hols that would love the extra cash! That way their going home, so less chance of people knowing whats going on

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