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First timer with Chickens

I’d decided that I’ve prepped enough and now was the time to bite the bullet and get my, hopefully, first chickens.

Bought a coop, built a run and bought food and water dispensers, some food and other sundries. Build them all up and put them in a nice place in the garden. Then off I went to get my birds. Bit of a hiccup as most of the roads were closed because some dickheads had decided to run a half marathon on them so it took me three times as long to get to the Poultry Fair at Charlies in Queensferry.

When I got there I spent a bit of time talking to the man about his birds, looked around and it seemed to me that the fastest selling and most popular birds were Warrens. I’d never heard of them but they look just like chickens should be and came with good feedback from some of the people there. A good starter bird and regular layer.


So I bought three Warrens at Point of Lay and they were put into boxes for the journey home.

As everything was already set up I wasted no time and started to unload them into their new home. Then I hit the first problem the third one fought and escaped my clutches. I thought I was in trouble while I chased her around trying to retrieve her but noticed she didn’t run too far from her sisters and with that knowledge I opened the run and she ran straight in. Two minutes later all three were pecking the ground for grubs and wandering around unconcerned. Talk about settling in.

I put the rabbit in the run as well to see how they reacted and they clucked a bit, one pecked him a couple of times but they soon ignored him whilst he browsed. The only action came from the cat who wandered up and sat down watching them whilst they clucked away in alarm. The cat just sat watching them and eventually fot fed up and walked away. The chickens clucked all the time the cat was there.

After a while we just left them to themselves and they just wandered around the run exploring and eating.

I’ve just gone outside, its 2010, and they have moved into the coop for the night. They seem to be ignoring the perches and sitting on the floor although I did note that one of them has laid their, and my, very first egg. Whoo Hoo. My most expensive egg so far but they should get cheaper.

Should be interesting seeing how they do on their first night. I’m not expecting any trouble but you never know.

18 comments to First timer with Chickens

  • TL

    Have you built in protection beneath the dirt floor and below the fence line? I hope you are aware that “chicken wire” is not fox proof. Fox’s prefer dusk I am told. Regards, TL.

  • Grumpy Grandpa

    Eagerly awaiting the next installment. (Want to know if your neighbours wish you lived further away!)

    • Skean Dhude

      They are very quiet unless frightened. Even then it isn’t noisy and my next door neighbours have barking dogs. If they complained I would be surprised.

  • Northern Raider

    So its safe to assume Skean Dhude is now a chicken plucker !!!

  • Rearfang

    I brought some chickens few months ago had complaints from one side about the noise but that old bag complains about my dogs and anything else
    Defiantly think I won’t ever recover initial cost but do enjoy them and you can’t beat a fresh egg ( well you could lol)

    • Skean Dhude

      Even if it works outmore expensive. I’m ddoing it for the longer term when they will be really in short supply.

  • MaryN

    Well done, You. Joined us country folk at last! You can always offer any complaining neighbours fresh eggs – usually works a charm.

  • Jan

    If its not to cheeky, How much does one pay for a chicken, I know cheap dead ones are about £6 in tesco’s, but I’m sure you can’t get eggs from them, hee hee

  • franc

    cheap dead ones, go for 2.50 at asda, smart price ones, good luck getting eggs, meat or taste from it though

  • Jan

    Cool, I thought you where going to be paying £50 each or something like that.

  • grannymike

    point of lay here in south devon 7.00 each ex batts free or 1.00 each used to keep 200plus now got just six which laid a egg a day at 2years old we sell six eggs for two pounds which pays for layer pellets at 9.80 a bag watch out for foxes lost goose to one last week jumped electic fence to get it

    • bigpaul

      £2 for half a dozen eggs?? you gotta be in the South Hams mate! maximum I pay up here in north Devon is £1 for 6.

  • fred


    Mind boggles. Let me get this right – you and chickens?


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