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Which path to take next

One thing that I get asked a lot is what do I do about Nuclear survival, survival after an asteroid etc. Specific details on a specific subject. I usually ask them what they see as the answer and then work from there.

Myself, I see my general preps covering me for 95% of the situations I can see being of significant risk to prep for. The other 5% are specific issues that require specialist equipment and, in my opinion, the chances of survival are greatly reduced unless you have very specialist equipment.

The general preps cover me for economic events, EMP, general social unrest etc. longer and colder winters, hotter and longer summers which I see as the most likely events now. Only once I am 100% sure I have covered my preps will I start to look at specialist areas.

For example Nuclear. An invisible killer after the initial bright lights, which you may never see. Radiation can be carried by the winds to your home and you become ill and die, never knowing what has happened. Even if you get specialist gear to detect the radiation you still have to live in such a way that the radiation cannot get to you. Six months in a bunker may be feasible for some but eventually we will all be forced out regardless of if the radiation is still there or not. Even then you never know when a storm can bring some back to you. I believe that you can prepare for a short nuclear event with minimal fallout but we just don’t have the resources to stay in a bunker for 15 years. Myself, I have a geiger counter, air filters and the polythene sheets, etc. to cover us and keep us safe for several weeks. After that then we will just have to take our chances. Unless this lottery ticket I have in my hand is a good one then I don’t have the option.

I see biological and chemical events pretty much in there as well except I don’t have any detectors for those. The reason I have these items are from when I was prepping previously. Nuclear was the main threat. You had to build your own bunker and stock it up. Most of the realistic concerns now about people scavanging from you was not even thought of. It just wasn’t cricket you know. Society has changed and we are now looking at these threats realistically.

Floods can be covered by boats for example but I don’t see flooding being that likely and event. I’ll still try and cover it by acquiring a boat and preparing for bugging out by sea. Not spent much on that option at all yet.

Polar shifts, alien invasion, zombies, etc. each have their own challenges which are unique to those events. You decide which ones you think and then investigate what you need to do to survive them. In my opinion though make sure you have covered the general 95% first.

2 comments to Which path to take next

  • prepper1

    Sound advice.
    BUT you’d be surprised at the amount of preppers that wont consider certain things happening at all.
    They remain closed minded.
    As preppers we should all be prepared to consider the totally outlandish and the accepted norm of possibilities.
    We must not make the mistake of dismissing ANY theory, it should however unlikely form part of your preps in some way. Underesttimating your enemy whatever or whomever that may be has led to many a downfall.

  • Highlander

    We also have gas masks, suits inc boots and gloves, but we are also very realistic, If the wind is in the right direction, and it doesn’t last too long, we stand a chance, but no-one could grow very much, our polly tunnel might help, but I think that for this one threat, the best chance of survival would be to hope for outside help,…:), the one thing not many of us want to see.

    Of course this equipment might also be used if there was ever a terrorist attack in the shape of a dirty bomb,.. now in that situation your NBC equipment would most likely be able to do the job, as that attack would have a much shorter duration

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