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Two weeks into the Chickens

Well things have moved on slightly from last week. Everyone seems to have grown accustomed to each other and the chickens just wander around people feet while everyone does their thing. They then go in to their home when dusk is approaching. All very nice and tidy.

One thing I forgot to mention last week was that they do fuss around a lot and cluck away when they see you coming. They think they will be getting fed something special. It isn’t loud but if a neighbour is out in their garden they will know you have chickens.

There was two changes in their behaviour as well. One very positive the other was predicted and could be positive or negative depending on your garden.

First of all they are now laying two eggs a day each. Three birds equals six eggs a day for those who count one handed. I’m now giving away eggs until I work out how to store them long term outside a freezer. How do I make powdered egg?

The next is they are digging up my garden. It’s fine for the raspberries and trees which is where they are digging but I can see the smaller plants being destroyed if they dig there. This is pretty much expected but I was surprised by the depth. They have dug about four inches down. They don’t do the digging on the grass though so they need soil that is already broken up to start by the looks of things. I’ll just need to ensure that we always protect the smaller plants and everything will be OK.

I’m glad chicken poop is a fertiliser as they make so much of it. Coupled with the fact they eat anything I’m finding that I’m not throwing anything out in the bins except for packaging and large branches. I need to change that with the branches.

I’ve read up a bit about these Warrens as well. It says they get on well with kids, and except for a bit of experimental eating of the baby they don’t even peck anyone now. Their interactions are not that bad but to a kid they could be frightening at first. A peck may not hurt but a peck is similar to a pinch to a child and may get off to a bad start. It’s common sense but for the first few days just make sure that kids are kept close until the birds ignore them. Don’t let them feed them unless it is a big bit of food. I’ve had my fingers pecked with smaller pieces.

From a financial viewpoint I’m getting six eggs a day, these are good sized eggs and free range are selling this size for £2 a box of six. The food and suppliments I bought cost me £20 and I filled up the food container twice in the two weeks I have had them. I guess I have another couple of months from those bags. I did buy a bigger coop than necessary but it will take more chickens if I want to get more. I won’t be a millionaire with three but they supply more than my needs, are no problem and are at least paying from themselves which is more than the kids are.

All in all I think I have been advised well. Warrens are no trouble at all. Well behaved, relatively quiet and good layers. Who can ask for more? If you are considering having some it is easy enough and if you make your own coop you only really have to pay for the chickens to get started.

7 comments to Two weeks into the Chickens

  • RoadWarrior

    Whats the rough dimensions of the coup/place they go into at night ? also what size chicken wire (I know it sounds obvious)im thinking it has to be small to keep rats out …..and finally did u initially place it on a level patch of grass…cheers RW

  • Kathy Sott

    It’s easy to store your extra eggs. I simply scamble the eggs. Do not add anything to the eggs. No milk, water or seasonings…nothing. Just scamble till dry. Them spread them out on your dehydrator sheets and set the temp to 125. Dry till very dry and hard condition. Then run the nuggets through a coffee grinder of food proessor till a fine powder. I then seal them into small jelly jars and vacumn seal. These will not reconstitute into “scambled” eggs but can be used for making french toast and used in baking. Use 1 tablespoon of egg powder and 2 tablespoons of water to eaqual 1 egg for baking.

  • Skean Dhude


    It is nine foot by two and about 6 foot high. It has a house about 2 foot by 2 foot by 2 foot raised off the ground with sliding doors. So even if a fox got in it would have to chew through the wood. Wire is about 4cm x 2cm rectangles. Larger than chicken wire but it is stronger stuff. It is placed on a level bit of grass at the back of the garden.


    Just what I was looking for. Thank you. I’ll give it a go.

  • RoadWarrior

    Thanks for that SD, gonna grab my tape measure now mate 🙂

  • MaryN

    Chickens will eat almost anything. They’re greedy, cannabilistic little fiends. If you have any table scraps they will help you out. I cook extra rice and pasta for them – particularly in winter – helps to keep the grain feed costs down.

  • Metroyeti

    I think sealdiver did a post on the forum about making eggs last longer by covering them in oil?

    Chickens are entertaining to watch, they go crazy when you throw a earthworm between them

  • Kenneth Eames

    If you have a Wormery for Vermicompost, when you have too many worms, you can then feed them to the chickens. They are also good for fishing bait. Kenneth Eames.

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