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How we need to prepare


Wild Food Walk in York – 1-Jun

Di from Wild Harvest Rural Crafts Training just dropped me a line to say she is holding a Wild Food Walk in York on June 1st at 1030 and asked if any of us would be interested.

I can’t make York then but at £4 a head and under 12s free if anyone is up […]

A week after the chickens took over

Chickens have been in place a week now. The second and third laid eggs on day two. So for most of the week we have been collecting three eggs a day. Three very diffirent eggs, large, a larger medium and medium.

The chickens are very friendly and follow you around when you are out the […]

Which path to take next

One thing that I get asked a lot is what do I do about Nuclear survival, survival after an asteroid etc. Specific details on a specific subject. I usually ask them what they see as the answer and then work from there.

Myself, I see my general preps covering me for 95% of the situations […]

First timer with Chickens

I’d decided that I’ve prepped enough and now was the time to bite the bullet and get my, hopefully, first chickens.

Bought a coop, built a run and bought food and water dispensers, some food and other sundries. Build them all up and put them in a nice place in the garden. Then off I […]