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Protecting yourself online

How to install and run TOR

Tor is a tool used to protect you online. It protects your privacy and protects you from being watched online it is very effective when used properly and is used also by pro democracy bloggers to protect them from the Chinese government . This tool is free to use and can be found online by entering into your search bar on your browser.

How to get TOR and get it up and running:

1. Input into your search bar on your Internet Browser a common internet browser is internet explorer.
2. Click download now in the green middle bar.
3. Left click the file at the bottom left corner of your screen.
4. Left click open.
5. Click run or yes.
6. Click Install.
7. Click Finish.
8. Now go to your Internet Browser.
9. Input into your search bar on your Internet Browser.
10. Click download Tor.
11. Read the guide on: Want Tor to really work?
12. Click the download Tor Browser Bundle.
13. Click on the .Tor-Browser.Exe file at bottom left corner of browser when done.
14. Left click the file.
15. Click open.
16. Click Run.
17. Click Extract.
18. Click yes to all if it comes up.
19. Click Start Button.
20. Go to search.
21. Input downloads.
22. Go to the folder and open it.
23. Open the folder Tor Browser.
24. Left click the file Start Tor-browser twice.
25. Vidalia Control Panel will come up and may disappear.
26. The Internet Browser called TorBrowser will appear it will have the message: Congratulations. Your browser is configured to use Tor
27. This is now working

To keep yourself protected

1. Do not install any browser addons for Torbrowser for your own safety to keep you protected.
2. Do not go to Youtube or any other similar Video website it will compromise your protection and may allow a attacker to locate you.

3. Every 1-2 days Click the Icon Use a New Identity this will keep you protected and will make it much harder for an attacker to figure out who is using TOR or where you are located.

If you have any questions or want to know more contact me on the forums I am Tdvsko on the forum and I will answer you’re question as soon as possible.

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