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Secure Encrypted Instant Messaging Communications

I will explain below how to install Secure Chat Services. Below is information on what the software will and will not do so you can understand its strong and weak points:

Nobody will be able to find out where you are. If they are already observing you and sniff your internet connection they will not be able to find out what you send or receive (everything is end-to-end encrypted), to whom you are sending or receiving from or where your contacts are located

How to install:

  1. open your web browser.
  2. Input into your web browser:
  3. Read this information.
  4. Input into your web browser search:
  5. Click on the web link and double click to download the file.
  6. Click Save.
  7. When the file opens you see three folders. Follow the instruction below:
  8. Click extract.
  9. Next find the Tor Browser file where you installed it previously.
  10. Open TorBrowser by Clicking on Start Tor Browser.
  11. When Tor Browser opens minimize this.
  12. Go back to the three folders you downloaded in the location you put it.
  13. Open the bin Folder.
  14. Click on Torchat Twice till it starts.
  15. It will take some time.
  16. When your icon goes green it is running.
  17. The 15-16 character name on your chat is the user name or TorChat ID.
  18. This is what you give to someone to add you.
  19. To add someone right click your user name and select add contact.
  20. Input the persons TorChat ID and the persons display name.
  21. Click OK.
  22. To chat right click the person you added to your contact lists user name and select chat.
  23. Input chat.
  24. Click enter.

Quick note:

Remember to always start TorBrowser and make sure it is ready before you click and start TorChat to make sure the chat is secure. There is another way to do it but I would rather explain the easiest way for you to do it.

TorChat is not affected by the information released on Prism it can not be monitored by Prism it is secure chat only you and the person who you are chatting with will ever see the conversation no one else will be able to see what you input.

Any questions feel free to contact me on the forum.

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