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How we need to prepare


Conflicting Information

One of the issues that any new prepper faces is that many posts or instructions supported by so many have totally conflicting information in them. It is confusing for many experienced preppers as well but they have some experience to call on.

The reason for this is that each of our situations is unique. No […]

Protecting yourself online

How to install and run TOR

Tor is a tool used to protect you online. It protects your privacy and protects you from being watched online it is very effective when used properly and is used also by pro democracy bloggers to protect them from the Chinese government . This tool is free to […]

Home Update

Chickens first.

The chickens have slipped into our lives so smoothly it is like they have been there forever. They are no hassle. It is funny watching them come running up to you the way they do when they think you have food. Still getting six eggs a day and they eat anything so all […]