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How we need to prepare



The biggest issue facing us today is not lack of funds, lack of time or lack of will it is that we just don’t know what is going to happen. So we look at lists and decide that we will prep by putting aside food, water and medical supplies and then we will hide them […]

Community Team Building

Just finished a course designed to help you understand your team members. I love this phyco babble stuff. It is spookily accurate. First of all you fill in a series of questions. Simple stuff, nothing controversial. Then they feed it into a computer and it calculates your personality type and comes up with a model […]


Assumptions, despite the Phrase Don’t ASSUME. It only makes an ASS out of U and ME we all make assumptions. We have to. We just don’t have enough information to do anything else.

First of all our biggest assumption is that something is going to happen. If we didn’t make that assumption we wouldn’t bother […]

Team Work

In my preps I have put aside instructional materials as well as base material for several areas that I have little or no skills in. I watch those that have practical these skills with a touch of envy as when it comes to doing practical things I have ten thumbs on my hands.

At the […]