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Why Grid charge 12v backup systems and how much it cost?

Our house is on the edge of a remote hamlet, and we do not want to draw any attention to the technical capabilities that we are building into it.

Just over 4 weeks ago we installed the first stage of our 12v back-up power system.

We’ve opted to maintain charge in the 2 x 125ah […]

Product Guarantees

Trust isn’t something that comes easy to preppers. We have issues with trust in all aspects because of OPSEC and reliability issues.

Product guarantees though are different. We have to trust some of them in situations where we are relying on the items totally and it can be frustrating knowing that they are manufactured to […]


Although we all love planners, strategists and the doers the real power behind them is the administrators. Poor boring bean counters and box tickers who are looked at with pity.

Administrators do all the boring work we don’t like doing. They prepare and check the lists of items we need and the catalogue it so […]

Planning for Christmas

As Christmas approaches I’ve been finalising my holidays, planning my trips and generally doing what I can so that the festive season runs as smoothly as possible.

As part of that I also plan for the possibility that an event could occur while we are on holiday. Even during Christmas Day when the workers are […]