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Contingency Planning

Well, it has been nearly a week now since the site ground to a halt and I’m sure that you are all wondering what is taking so long to fix. I am myself. The problem was an upgrade on another site which brought down my whole portfolio of sites. Every one of them that is using PHP ground to a halt which makes no sense at all. I have suspicions but need the sites back to investigate. I haven’t been hacked nor do I have any malicious programs on any of the sites.

Although my package was unlimited it seems that there were limits after all and I was forced to upgrade on Sunday as there was no way I could move everything to another ISP in a reasonable timescale. However, my ISP, 1 and 1, proves again it is crap as after 48 Hours I’m still without any PHP based websites while I wait for my ISP to upgrade me. Your account will be upgraded in 6 hours it said on the website. Typical of their service. The issue I have is that I don’t speak to them often, most of the time the service is up and running. They are good when everything is going well, uptime is great, my sites have gone years with few issues but lousy service when things go wrong as you have seen.

I don’t have any contingency myself because to be frank I don’t see the site as critical and expected it to be down for a day tops while the ISP swings into action. Swings sounds too speedy a word for my ISP.

I can only apologise and assure you that as soon as I am upgraded I will be moving the sites onto the new super dooper server and hopefully service will return to normal. I’d make a post but you will notice the improvement as the sites are migrated.

As way of compensation I will give everyone a years free subscription to Survival UK. What else could you need?

On the plus side my spam has dropped off to a fraction of what it was. I’m a cup half full kind of guy.

2 comments to Contingency Planning

  • Northern Raider

    Glad the forum is back up it would have been terrible to see 3 years of British preppers cooperation wasted, I hear from multiple sources that support and 1 & 1 is abysmal at best.

  • Undertaker

    Good to see you back, i may have no knowledge and less brains ! But good to know your isp is part of the issue, and you are still around for people like me to get advice !
    Mind how you go.

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