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How we need to prepare


Living in Fear

I like to think that although we prepare for some horrific scenarios we do not actually live in fear of those events. We accept them, plan for them and thus we can avoid the fear and focus instead on a solution to the problem. It is a healthy way of doing things.

I’ve noticed more and more though over the last few months that are actually starting to get quite fearful about what is going on. They will talk to strangers and friends about those fears. Although they cannot put into words what they are fearing and they do not extrapolate it out to show its true impact they know that things are not right, they know things cannot go on the way they are going, they know that it is all going to fall down but where they differ from us is that they believe someone will step in and fix all the issues.

They don’t know who this someone is but depending on their background it is usually a political leader, one of the clowns in power now, or a military leader. Where after martial law is declared, politicians executed and the criminal class put away or executed they will put in power a new Abraham Lincoln kind of guy as leader, set up a constitution and then step down. To be honest that one sounds good to me as most of our military leaders are not maniacs and they are one of the few real options still available to stop the whole house of cards coming down. Our politicians are not doing anything.

Nobody knows what is going to happen, I don’t, everyone thinks they know what will happen although most have no real thoughts of their own, have no capability of evaluating them and are forced for their own sanity to think everything will be OK.

Most of us are living in fear although some of us are working to fix it, that reduces the fear, others are aware something is going on and just bury their heads, that also reduces the fear and the remainder of us, most of us, are living in fear but have no idea what is going on they watch, blame the wrong people and wait for someone to fix it oblivious to the real threat to their way of life.

The Chinese have a curse. ‘May you live in interesting times’. We are living in interesting times.

1 comment to Living in Fear

  • kiddsy

    Well I must admit, until now it was all a must prepare just in case scenario, but now I am beginning to think it is a ‘when’ scenario and as such now preparing a lot more forcefully and really getting my stores and equipment set up, lets face it, if nothing ever happens, you have a lot of resources to fall back on.

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