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New Year Catch Up – Communications

Although I’m happy with my communications prepping I still have a few areas that could do with improvement which I should get done this year.

First of all I need to sort out a stealth antenna around my home location which I can install and use now as well as a portable backup for when OPSEC calls for it. In addition I am looking for a small portable antenna that can be assembled where needed to improve reception.

Next up I want to sort out the power packs for the comms units. I’d like to standardise on AA battery packs where possible as well as 12V power for and vehicle use. Many of the portable units, UV3R and UV5Rs have a special battery pack that they use while many other systems are 12V powered. My PMR radios use AA batteries already. 12V power or rechargeable AA batteries is the objective for these units.

I’m also looking at configuring all my units to a common standard. Many can’t be configured but some can. My UV3R and UV5Rs are at different standards and as our communication gurus have developed one for SurvivalUK it makes sense to stick with that. I want to modify each to the standard as well as document how to do that manually.

I also want to define a standard portable kit for the bug out bag, one for a car kit as well as a house kit. Then make sure I build up those kits which I should be able to do from existing equipment.

Finally, I want to put in a ham radio setup and get it configured and working. I’ll be looking around for advice so I can achieve this.

As a matter of interest I also want to look at the PSK31 computer interface that was talked about on the forum. It sounds like it could be useful so should be worth a little bit of investigation.

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