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New Year Catch Up – General

With the main part of my plans being around the garden and the home I find I am looking at the remainder of my preps and just keeping them ticking over. I have so much going on I’m in danger of running out of time while I give everything a little bit so progress is made on everything. It isn’t the way I would advise doing it but at the moment it is helping me focus.

I’m currently going though everything, and I mean everything, and documenting it. I’m pulling my books out of the boxes and sorting then, returning what I can do without atm.

My food stores I keep adding to every month as I see bargains and this has become such a part of my life that I will just keep on doing it. So no need for changes there.

I have a good stock of medical kit as well. I’ll add a few more things as I come across them but again not looking for anything major in this area.

I’ll stick with what I have in the firearms, bows, traps, etc. department. I’ll look towards the middle of the year at a 410 for general carry. If I do it will be coupled with a reloading kit and some reloading components.

Alcohol has always been an interest of mine even though I don’t drink. I’m going to set up a still and start producing alcohol for medicinal use as well as for making herbal tinctures. If it works out OK I’ll also make alcohol for fuel if I get the time to experiment with an alcohol engine later on. This way it won’t cost me a fortune in Tax to get me started on a sustainable fuel.

The main area I am looking at though is a bit of land. I’ll be keeping one ear open for that and putting aside time to search the web. No luck so far though. Every bit I like is just too far away.

6 comments to New Year Catch Up – General

  • Luci Ferson

    Hi SD,
    id check on the legalities of distilation of alcohol in the uk. I believe it is illegal .
    no harm in owning the parts to build one. but I think its a bit of a grey area in owning one even without using it.
    not sure though but id check before you go putting one together.
    Distillation is required for fuel and most medicinal alcohol.

  • Skean Dhude


    in this Mickey Mouse country there are always rules put in place by the stasi to stop people reducing their tax bill. That is all they are interested in.

    The rules are you can make so much per year for private consumption without causing any legal issues. I won’t be producing that much.

  • kiddsy

    S D. If you don’t mind the extra boom, I’d go for a 20 or 12 gauge as the 410 is very expensive in shells, (about 2 to 3 times the cost compared to 12 gauge) even if you load your own. you may find it cheaper to stock pile shells rather than load your own.

  • Ysbryd

    Look at for current uk licence requirements.

  • Ysbryd

    SD, I’m not a fan of .410 for anyone over the age of 10 years old. You can always pick up an old side by side 12G for £25 at a specialist sale. The main expense is the shotgun licence.

    .410 are only any use against very small game or vermin, at a very limited range. There is a very slight saving in weight but as Kiddsy has said, the cartridges are disproportionately expensive for what they will achieve.

    If you have a shotgun licence as well as a FAC for a .22LR you could investigate a product called rat shot for shooting small vermin, it’s very effective.

    As an aside, I have just got a Deben Hawk optics Vantage 50×3-9ir scope which has a reticle designed for sub sonic rounds. I’m really pleased with the massive improvement in my accuracy with what is essentially a budget brand scope.

  • Ysbryd

    Alcohol is one of the ingredients needed for producing good grade bio diesel, being able to manufacture it would be a great advantage. If you’re wanting to create grain alcohol for human consumption it is important to discard the initial fraction of distillation as this is quite toxic. Wood alcohol is perfectly acceptable if you’re only making fuel though.
    I have 60, M25 apple trees that I produce scrumpy from, I’m allowed by law to sell 1000 litres of cider before registering for tax. An acquaintence in nearby Pembridge who has a legal still converted some of my production into apple brandy. Impressive for its potency but not my drink of choice.

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