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Another item on my list that has been completed.

Mealworms seem very simple to look after and so I decided that I could implement this immediately and not impact too much on what I was doing.

I found a large plastic box about 2 ft by 1 ft that I could use. It was a reasonable size and should be enough for what I wanted to do. I could always expand later if it wasn’t enough or I increased the requirements beyond the chickens and the fish.

I filled the bottom couple of inches with chick feed. Chick feed was recommended to get them started. It is expensive compared the other food but I thought I would send them off with a treat. I then put in some banana peels and cut up an apple.

I bought my mealworms at a pet food shop in town. A bit like buying a pet from animal rescue as they were intended as pet food. Mine were going to be the founding fathers of a new mealworm society. Saved from certain death and kept in luxury. They should make a film about it.

Anyway, they have been there three weeks now and they are still crawling all over the place at the moment with no sign of the next stage. Perhaps I should have bought some bigger ones.

Seems they are not in a rush. Must be writing a constitution or something.

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