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Spending this months money

Still working in the garden. Not my strongest area but this year is intended to change all that. I’ve planted some strawberries, some tomatoes and replaced some of the fruit bushes that have died over the winter. I’m re-potting everything as most of them ended up filling up with water and with all the rain we had I drowned the plants.

In my travels around looking for plants I discovered quite a few items in the pound shops, soaker hoses, mini propagator trays, cloches, propagator pots as well as blackberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry and gooseberry bushes for £1.50 in B&M. Even larger trees at only £3. Strawberries, tomato and cucumbers plugs for 50p each in my local garden centre. Peas £2 for 12 plugs.

Gone are the days of the £1 grow bag, certainly for the end user, and even the cheap ones are £2.50 now. The decent ones are selling for £4. There is inflation for you. Makes me wonder how long the pound shops can keep going. Soon a penny sweet will be £1. We should take advantage of pound shops while we can just for everyday living.

So far then I have planted strawberries and peas in growbags. Put tomatoes in a nice little unit with a trellis which cost £12. Not set up the trellis yet for the peas as they are only plugs so no rush.

I have a pallet I’m going to set up as a vertical garden and plant some plugs in, not sure what yet but I’m looking at lettuce, cucumber and peppers for starters atm. See how they work out before I move on to another pallet.

Skint this month so won’t be doing any special projects or major investments.

So will be finishing off the tubs and sorting out more files for the download site when I get some spare time till next pay day.

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