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Garden Work

Still looking at minimising my spend and doing some work in the garden as well as looking after the sites.

I had a little hiccup with the plants I planted at the weekend. Those *^%$&%* chickens dug half of them up and threw the soft earth all over the garden looking for grubs. A visitor left the gate open and they were out before I realised it. So much for the fencing so they could be free to roam in their little bit but no more.

I’ve just bought some raised beds that I will use as a key part of my growing capability. 1.8M by 1M. I’m going to put two close to each just next to, but out of reach of, the chickens. The beds were delivered yesterday and I had to order a couple of tons of soil to fill them up. Bang goes the remainder of my cash allocation for this month. I’m off work from today till Tuesday so should get it all sorted out then. The raised beds were really cheap and rough but they were value for money as I would have just managed to buy the materials for what I paid for them.

I’m planning on planting some basics, carrots, lettuce, kale, rocket and courgettes for starters but currently looking through my seeds to see what else may be suitable.

Pulled out two pallets, all I had, and in the process of preparing them to be vertical gardens. Will plant some cucumbers, courgette, perhaps tomato and lettuce in there and see how it goes. Once I have painted them with a wood protector they should look quite good. Just waiting for the right weather now. I’ve just acquired three more as the soil came with them. So when I have moved the soil I’ll have enough pallets for all my vertical gardening experiments.

5 comments to Garden Work

  • mancydoodle

    The trouble with gardening AND keeping chooks is that they’re not really compatible unless you can make sure that the NEVER and I mean NEVER get near your garden…

    Trust me on this, they’re watching you plant those nice seeds, planning their next visit…
    Not as stupid as they look chooks, not by a long shot.

  • mancydoodle

    As for your mealworms… flour in tub or oats, with the meal worms dumped in.
    then damp card or newspaper over the top.
    DAMP not wet.
    Keep it slightly damp, and after a while, (weeks) chrysalis form in the flour, leave them alone and beetles hatch,(weeks) then wonder about and eventualy lay eggs in the damp paper or card. and so the cycle begins again.

  • mancydoodle

    Again the chickens will watch you with those nice juicy things…
    plotting, planning… leave the tub open… turn your back for a minute…GONE!!!

  • John

    You mean you never put a spring on the gate so it always shuts itself.

  • mancydoodle

    My chooks ended up nearly the size of turkeys…
    Stong buggers, find any weak points…

    If you sunbathed in the garden they’d peck you see if any bits fell off.

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