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How we need to prepare



Another item on my list that has been completed.

Mealworms seem very simple to look after and so I decided that I could implement this immediately and not impact too much on what I was doing.

I found a large plastic box about 2 ft by 1 ft that I could use. It was a […]

Revisiting the Purpose of the Sites

As you are most likely aware there are several sites in the Survival UK group. The main site, (this one) ‘‘, the forum on ‘‘ and the download site on ‘‘. Each is for a particular area of prepping. The main site for articles and information relevant to prepping, the forum for members to discuss […]

The Files site is now On-Line

I have just opened the Survival UK Files site for your downloading pleasure.

It can be found at

It has taken me a while to set up. Was too ambitious at the start and just didn’t have the time to make it as sophisticated as I started out. Then I realised that I was […]

New Year Catch Up – Round Up

As you can see I visited all the aspects of my prepping starting from the basics and then looked at what could be improved. I ended up with a list of what I want to do next;

Here is the list which I generated from my thoughts over the planning period.

Install CCTV for use […]