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General Update

Bit of a mixed week. Been away for most of it and my raised beds have not moved at all. Trying to paint them before assembly but the weather is not cooperating. Rain and my available time seem to be in sync so when I’m free it is raining.

Went to a bird sale as a friend deals in show birds. While I was there a pair of Bantams came up and nobody wanted them so I bought them for £5. Nice looking birds but certainly an impulse buy. They have slotted into the back garden in their own cage which cost me more than they did. As they are a pair I’m keeping an ear out for the cockerel. So far I can hear it when I make a point of being awake at first light but so far nothing that is waking people up so fingers crossed or it will be a meal.

I went to a local hydroponics shop on my way home as well. Was very disappointed how little the guy had tried. Just basic stuff on basic kit and he didn’t have that much in the shop either besides a few basic units and a ton of media to grow in. There is another shop close to me that I will have to visit. Hopefully they will have a widen variety and have more experience.

I’ve also discovered mice in my garage. They can’t get into the stored food but I suspect that they have gained access to the chicken feed which I thought was elevated out of their reach. Pulling it all out is going to be a pain.

I’ve also had the replace every one of the tomato plants that were dug out by the *^%$&%* chickens last week. The others have survived OK.

Not one of the better weeks I’ve had from a prepping point of view but on a more positive note I’ve made progress in my plans for the year again.

There are a few comments on regarding the way forward for the sites. I’ll answer each and every one of them including those submitted privately when I draw the consultancy part to a close. I’m not commenting on the comments in the meantime so I don’t taint the replies not because I am not interested. Keep them coming good or bad.

The files site has been up a bit now and people are downloading files on a regular basis. My bandwidth usage has increased significantly over the years with the bandwidth usage for the downloaded files increasing daily. It isn’t an issue as I made sure my package was unlimited bandwidth so it doesn’t impact me at all. I’ve had some feedback on the files site by a couple of people and its user interface which I will consider as part of the main site changes overall, so any feedback on that is also appreciated.

I’m happy to receive feedback via the contact us system for those that want to say things in private although I would prefer public comments. Most private comments could have been public and it may have encouraged others to discuss the comments.

1 comment to General Update

  • fred

    All I can say about all that is to persevere. You seem on the right track and these things set us back but it’s always two steps back, three steps forward.

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