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Building a Library

I am spending a significant amount of time sorting out PDFs and other documents for the files site and there is a lot more to do. Books on all aspects of prepping and survival that could make the difference between life and death for us. The books range across all aspects of prepping and depending on your prepping choices most will not be relevant. Prepping, even for a few narrow events covers a wide area if you are looking long term.

The issue however is knowing in advance which ones are relevant and which are not. So even if you are not prepping to bug in you should at least do some preparation in that area even if you never intend to implement it.

As well as the wide variety of files with a relevance to prepping or survival I’ve come across files that are not really applicable to prepping or survival at all. Mother Goose for example. It simply isn’t a prepping or a survival book. It isn’t a book that we use in education or to help us in any way. It is simply a story book for kids.

Well, in my view a prepping library may be aimed at preppers and survivalists but to fully cover life after an event we need more than factual books on keeping hens. We need factual books on electronics, the sciences, music and general literature. We need stories to keep us educated and entertained. I have included a variety of books in the library to keep us entertained when we get five minutes to ourselves.

It still isn’t prepping though which is why I have created a category called Restoring Civilisation. It isn’t about rebuilding the corrupt systems we have now. It isn’t even about politics although there will be some libertarian documentation in there. No socialist material though, you can supply your own socialist propaganda for your own library if you want to. This directory is about keeping hold of the best bits of our society, our literature, our science and, where possible, music to keep us entertained long after an event when we are not scrabbling about just to keep alive.

We have to look forward no matter what happens and if we have not prepared for that we won’t succeed.

5 comments to Building a Library

  • fred

    The problem is that there’s so much of it. When you really are in trouble, which of the 2678 works do you reach for?

  • iaaems

    When I was very young someone in my extended family drew my attention to the phrase “an educated person does not necessarily know everything but they do know where to look for the information in a time of need”.
    A library fulfils this need precisely. However you also have to have a working knowledge of what is contained in your own personal library – always assuming of course that you have one.
    If you do not have one, as yet, then here is a good place to start – build it up slowly and get a filing system going – you do not have to read it all but you do have to know the basic gist of what is there. Possibly there will be great chunks of info that do not interest you at all – my experience tells me that these will be the items of most use when the whirling blades are spraying the brown stuff everywhere and causing mayhem. Yes it is hard work getting this all together but what a huge legacy for those who come afterwards and who will possibly desperately need some of the content that you have saved. No one said life was easy. SD – very many thanks!!

  • TOF

    Collecting a varied library is, to me, one of the best legacies you can leave behind. Historically, an education, even a basic one, got you out of the mire and improved your lot in so many ways.

  • little mordie

    Just wanted to add my $0.02 here –

    My feeling is that the purpose might be much better served if there are just links provided to online repositories of such files, eg. . It would save SD quite some time and bandwidth, leaving him to just provide his personal strong Favorites/Recommendations. This way, users can choose what they like, but still benefit from SD’s superior experience & knowledge.

    • Skean Dhude

      The issue with just providing links is that when the internet goes you can’t get to them. I like everything in one place and then you can just download everything and when you do need it there it is instead of being inaccessible.

      I usually take the drive to meets so it can be downloaded but there is now too much to copy across in a couple of hours people only take a few areas.

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