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I’m a Grandad

Noticed Mummy Bantam out and about and thought I would check on the eggs. Found a little pile of egg shells and nothing else. When I looked a little closer Mummy Bantam had three little satellites behind her.

So I’m now a granddad. I’ve my fingers crossed that they are all girls. I can see a noisy time ahead if there are any more cockerels but I would guess the laws of biology make the odds that at least one will be a cockerel.

Still waiting to see how the queens go in the bee hives. Should be hatching any day now so I will need to keep on top of them.

Was at a beekeepers meeting yesterday. Out of the 10 hives they had there four were OK and buzzing with activity, two were alive but didn’t look at all well and the remaining four were lifeless. Only managed to find one queen although there was evidence there were queens in every hive that had live bees in. All in all not good and the beekeeper had only been away for two weeks. How quickly nature kills.

Everything else seems to be plodding along although I have not been doing much on the sites lately.

1 comment to I’m a Grandad

  • Grumpy Grandpa

    I’m not going to pretend it’s the same as when it’s a child at the end of the breeding process but congratulations are due just the same! Well Done! Now you have a hierarchy of chooks that is going to continue to provide for you and yours, day on day – that’s cause for celebration, isn’t it?

    I am sorry though, that you’re brother beekeepers are having difficulties and I hope you’re not one of those so afflicted but bees in the UK haven’t been doing all that well of late, have they? (Not that I understand such things all that well or even why!) Do they believe this is down to things like destruction of habitat or is there more to it, that outsiders such as me, simply don’t understand?

    Either way, I wish you good fortune with both of them, an ever-expanding line of bantam-dom, to feed you and yours till doomsday and beyond and a successful ‘Queen-breeding’, if that’s what it’s called…!

    May eggs and honey forever pour from your (or their!) orifices…

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