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Garden Update End July

Veg seems to be going well except for the peas. They don’t respond well to being in grow bags but there has been a small crop. It wouldn’t have been enough to feed me but it certainly is more than enough to give me a larger start for next year. Been plagued with Cabbage Whites but not much slug damage at all this year. The raised beds and the chickens seem to have kept them down well.

I’ve had little time to maintain the garden, I water it irregularly and most of my fruit is in small containers so I have not had a very large crop but this is fine for me. I want these as my base for future crops and easily transported and, hopefully, kept hidden. Even so I have been surprised by the amount of Spinach, Rocket, Lettuce and Cabbage I have. The Spinach and Rocket have simply exploded and as well as providing leaves to myself, the chicken (They love it) and the rest of the family there is still plenty left.

The bees have settled down. After my last article when I went in to try and create a queen I found one already there. She is now marked, Green is the 2014 colour, and both hives are thriving. Honey stores are being filled and I’ve decided that to give the best start for next year after all the messing about with brood shifting I’m going to take very little honey from the hives. After all I’m not in it for what I can take in honey, wax, etc. I will however take a little honey, just a few jars, for my stores and for a taster.

The chickens are still doing well. I want to increase the number of warrens I have. Coop is supposed to handle up to twelve easily but it looks to me like nine is about the maximum so at some time I’ll get another six or another nine and rehouse the three I have. They are still going strong and I have an attachment to them.

The other coops with the bantams in is thriving as well. Chicks are growing fast and it looks like I have two roosters and one hen from my first batch which is a bit of an issue. I don’t want any more roosters competing for who makes the loudest noise. So when I’m 100% sure I’ll get rid of the younger roosters. Next time with a bit of luck I’ll have just hens.

Lucky for me these take very little of my time to live or things wouldn’t be so rosy.

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