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How we need to prepare


GoDaddy is pretty crap

Site has quickly resumed it’s old ways and because I’ve just added this site it is clear where the issues are. GoDaddy is having difficulty with a WordPress site and a MyBB forum at the same time. So much for the professional package. Looks like I need a different package per site. Alternatively I need […]

Modern Cars

As many of you know I’m on the lookout for a new car. My existing car, a Volvo, is just too small and too nanny state. It nags me all the time and I’m just fed up with it. Nice car to drive but a nightmare otherwise. I’ve just bought a van for my prepping, […]

Concerned about Ebola?

Ebola was all over the news over the last couple of weeks. It was seen to be the new apocalypse and so bad that members of the general public were woken from their slumber and started their first steps towards prepping for an event. If you are one of these then congratulations you have accepted […]

Site Update

Finally got some time to make updates to the site. Upgraded the software and modified the web pages. GoDaddy was pretty crap in their support which didn’t help coupled with the million and one other things I had to do.

So a lot has changed in the last couple of months.

Got a van. Put […]